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*wipes tear away dramatically*

This is something God truly made with thought about my ears so I could drown out all of those basic people.

*grabs a tissue*

Anyways,skipping this VERY dramatic moment,headphones in my book are very vital to humanity.

Just like food,water,and clothes etc.

Now I can throw down on food...but this isn't the case here guys.

Stay chunky yet funky ✌️


For example,let's say you are in study hall and you are trying to your work peacefully BUT THEN,THEN! Boys start having a terrible rap battle involving their mothers and big bootys.

All you have to do is plug in your headphones,turn on music full blast,and BOOM KAPOW WHATEVER SOUND YOU WANT TO THINK OF I DON'T CARE!


g o n e

Oh I have to stop my eyes are watering....

. . . . . . . . ..

I'm good now *sniffles*

I think I've made my point here *drops mic* *runs*

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