Ghetto kids walking up the stairs

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Just gonna start off by saying that I'm not racist.

It's just...

Some people are truly ghetto.

I mean you can just tell.

Some people automatically say that weaves are ghetto,but they aren't.

Now that is racist.

I can't really explain it.

But if you go to a school that has stairs,which is probably every single school....this applies to you.

You know when you are walking up the stairs and people get in front of you and go 1.5 mphs an hour...those kind of people drive me insane.

What if we were in a fire?

They would go 1 mph an hour.

What if a serial killer was chasing us?

They would go 1 mph an hour.

What if I had a knife and was-

Oops,I think I went too far.


*sighs loudly*'*shatters window*

I hope you front roll down the stairs.

Oops did that come out of my vocal cords?

Like Luke just said,"I'll rip your weave out!"

Goodbye! ♡♡♡

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