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It's deep,dark,chilling,and full of fat rolls.

JUST KIDDING WELL.....not the fat rolls....

Let me just get out of gothic mode and describe it truly and clearly...


It involves fangirling,crying,eating way too much for my own good,milk allergies,clumsiness,sleeping,staying way too long on Wattpad,school,my mom yelling at me for not throwing away my trash,waiting on my stepdad to get out of the bathroom which is about 30 minutes,groaning (not sexually!You animals!),tripping on invisible things,talking to myself like an insane person,denying the fact that I see a roach in my room but I'm not killing it because I'm scared of them,writing stories,music,Instagram,dancing like some kind of unknown beast,attempting to sing,imagining I am about to punch someone but then I snap back to reality and realize I didn't,cussing people out in my mind,and lastly but not leastly(I know it isn't a word!Welcome to my vocabulary)procrastination.

Whew! That was a lot to say or...type.

I could say tons of things about what I do but that would take centuries and I can't type that long and you could probably give a half of a shit about it.

But guys...I have bad news....

I write this school journal only on the school IPad at school specifically.And they're taking them up tomorrow for next year! So...

That means that this-


School Journal is over.


I will be doing a second volume of it next year until 12th grade! (Well I'm not sure if I will do it all the way up to 12th grade.I might not even have this account...I'M BEING NEGATIVE I NEED TO SHUT UP)

So I guess this is it for the 1st volume...

I literally want to cry right now and I am not just saying that.I had so much fun slaying hoes and sharing the experience with you guys.

I love you!!!

Goodbye! ♡♡♡

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