Chapter 11

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*Julias POV*
His words calmed me,just by a little though. It terrified me,the idea of him being what he is. He terrified me. "Michael. Please let me leave. I can't be here with you. I have people who love me at home. I just can't leave them." I said sadly and tried to move out of his grip on my waist. He only tightened it and his face grew hard and his mouth in a thin line. "What about me Julia?! I love you too! You just can't leave me here!" He yelled harshly in my face,pushing me onto the bed,my head hitting one of the rails holding up the bed above us. I put my hand on the throbbing knot and looked at my hand. Blood covered it. " me please. Help." I said weakly and got up slowly and looked at him. His eyes turned a bright red and his fangs came out. He pushed me against the wall and I waited for the pain.
*Michaels POV*
I totally snapped on her. Her hatred for me was probably 10x worse now. I gulped when she fell back,her head banging against the rail. I knew instantly that it was bleeding. She stood up and asked me for help. My eyes turned bright red,telling her that I was dangerous and that she should leave. I shoved her against the wall of the bus,nuzzling my face into her neck. I smirked a little and moved her hair. "You smell amazing,Julia. Maybe I should have a little taste." I whispered and my teeth sunk into her. Almost anyways. I was pushed off her and Luke was holding me down,Ashton ran over and helped while Calum grabbed Julia and took her into another room. I watched him lead her off and began to calm down.
*Lukes POV*
We were just playing Mario Kart and then we heard a loud bang. "What was that?" Ashton asked. "I dunno. Maybe they're 'having fun'...let's go catch them and embarrass them." Calum said chuckling. I smirked and run into the room only to find Michael holding Julia against the wall,the rusty smell of blood in the air. I pulled him off of her and held him down,Ashton soon joining by my side as Calum led her away. "Michael. Calm down. You almost killed her. Calm down." I said to him,bringing him to his feet. "I'll go check on Calum and Julia and help." Ash said before running off to wherever Calum took Julia. I sit down beside Michael and noticed his eyes were back to their normal green blue. I put my arm around his shoulders as he slumped down. "What happened,bro?" I asked. "I-I got really angry. She said she wanted to leave because she had people at home who loved her. But I love her." He told me,his voice cracking slightly. "I know you do. But you have to learn to be gentle Michael. She's a fragile human. Remember that." I said before messing up his neon hair and walking out of the room. This boy was gonna have some trouble.

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