Chapter 6

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*Julia's POV*
Oh my god how was I gonna find Alize in all of these people?!? There was probably more than 400 people at this concert and here I was stuck having to find one. "Alize!" I yelled out over and over then realized I could've easily called her instead of looking like an idiot. *Where are you?! I lost you. Meet me by the car. We have a lot to talk about.* I sent to her and got a message almost straight away. *On my way.* It read. Thank god. I walked to the car, nothing but Michael on my mind. Was this just a simple one night stand...well it wasn't even a one night stand we just made out until we were so rudely interrupted. The car came into view and I walked up and waited. Soon enough,Alize came and unlocked the doors and we got inside. "I have so much to tell you." I said sighing and lied back in the chair.
*Michaels POV*
She'd been gone for an hour or so,and I had never felt so lonely in my life. "If your away from your mate..what happens?" I asked any one of the boys who cared enough to answer. It was Luke. " starts out okay then you feel really tired and lonely and if you don't contact your significant other for a months or more,you start to get sick and it can kill you." He told me and I suddenly felt sick. But not dying sick. Too soon. "Will I ever see her again?" I asked. "Of course,mate. You kinda have to cause you can't die on the band." Calum told me. I nodded in agreement and got out my phone and quickly clicked on her number. *Babe I miss you so much already :(* I sent and sighed and waited for an answer.
*Julia's POV*
After I had explained everything to Alize,my phone gave off a ding,telling me I had a new message. I checked it and seen it was from Michael. He had saved his name as, 'My sexy boyfriend'. Of course. But was he even my boyfriend? *Awe I miss you too.* I sent. Then began to type again. *Hey. Can we meet up somewhere tonight? We really need to talk about this contact name ;)* I sent. Alize looked at me smiling happily as she drove. "What?" I asked. "Oh nothing. I just think your in love with him." She said. I scoffed and shook my head. "I'm not in love. It's too soon to be in love. I love his singing and guitar skills...but not least not yet." I mumbled and looked down at my hands and sighed. The bad part was that I was 100% in love with Michael Gordon Clifford and I could only hope he felt the same way.

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