Chapter 22

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*Lukes POV*
Calum was all I could think about. It was getting so hard to not just grab him and show him how much I wanted him. It would eventually kill me. I walked out of the room and seen Calum sitting on the couch,drinking some blood from a bag. "Calum...can I see you for a minute in here?" I asked softly and walked back into the little bunk room. Calum walked in and crossed his arms,his bushy black eyebrow raised high above his other. His squishy little cheeks had a serious yet playful expression on it that seemed uncaring,disapproved somehow. I said nothing. The words seemed trapped in my throat so I just took one large stride over to him and pressed our lips together.
*Calums POV*
My favorite show ever was on. Spongebob. I mean...spongebob was amazing and always will be the bomb. After about 5 minutes into it,the giant breadstick called Luke Hemmings came into the room and interrupted me. I slowly got up and stretched a little before walking into the room he had stepped into. I said nothing but looked at him. Luke seemed to be choking on some words he wanted to say,or did he even want to say anything? I sighed a little internally and in just an instant,I felt and unfamiliar touch. Luke was kissing me. I was sent into complete and utter bliss just from one little kiss. I was him. He was mine. I kissed back then he pulled away,seeming happy with the outcome. "I,Calum Hood,accept you,Luke Hemmings,as my mate." I managed to get out,instantly embraced in Luke's warm embrace. "I,Luke Hemmings,accept you,Calum Hood,as my mate." He said back,a powerful surge coming between us. We were being connected. I took Luke's wrist and he took mine and we drank from each other,getting out bond stronger than ever. "So.." Luke started. "Let's go alert the media." He finished,smirking happily. A bright smile came on my face and I hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead. "This relationship will be everyone's OTP." I said laughing lightly.
*Michaels POV*
Julia was still in the bathroom,locked in..not coming out at all. I lightly knocked on the door and rested my forehead on it. "Julia...please let me in." I said to her. No response. "Julia I swear. Let me in or I'll knock the door down." I told her,my voice becoming stronger and angrier. "Oh don't do it." I heard a voice say from behind me. Ashton stood,hands crossed over his chest. "Oh shutup." I said rolling my eyes. "You won't do it. I know you. Just give her some time." He said chuckling. I glanced at him before backing away from the door and plopping down on the couch. A few moments later,Luke and Calum walked out of the bunk room,their arms around each other's shoulders,both holding each other close. "What has happened here?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "We have decided to accept each other as mates. I just couldn't resist any longer." Luke said,a smile growing on his face,as if he were remembering exactly what happened between them. "Oh my god. Really?" I asked excitedly and shot up off the couch. "Yeah...we are mates now." Cal said chucking a little and wrapping his arms around Luke's waist. "I ship it." I said smirking and laughed softly. "Well..were gonna go call the media and tell them that Cake is real." They said together,kissing each other lightly. At least someone was having good luck with their mate.

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