Chapter 16

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*Michael POV*
I followed after Julia into the room where the boys were watching tv and playing games. As soon as we went in there,I noticed Alize's lifeless,twisted body on the floor. I tugged Julia into my chest and held her tight. "Don't look babe. Let them take her away." I said through clenched teeth,staring right at Ashton. "Go into the other room,love. Now." I commanded Julia. She tried to refuse and run to Alize's body but I grabbed her back and pushed her into the other room and pressed the button that made the door close. "Stay in there and shutup!" I yelled in to her and looked at Ashton. "What did you do?" I asked walking over,grabbing him by his shirt and lifting him up.
*Julias POV*
She was dead. He killed her. He ended all chances of me getting away with my best friend. It's all gone. "Alize!" I tried to scream but my voice didn't seem to be working. Michael wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest where I cried. I tried to get away and go to Alize but was shoved into the other room. He sounded mad and I hated when that happened. I backed up against the wall and sunk down,pulling my knees to my chest and crying.
*Ashtons POV*
When I seen Julia's face,I regretted doing what I did. Sometimes a vampire just can't control himself when he's hungry. Michael began go corner me and grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me off the ground. "Michael. Stop. It was an accident. I didn't mean too." I pleaded and looked down at his bright red eyes. He threw me into the side of the bus,knocking down some posters we had up of some bands and leaving a big dent. "Bobs gonna kill you. You wrecked his bus." A voice said from the kitchen area. Calum and Luke stood,feeding on blood bags in silence. "Shut up Luke!" I said standing up and looking down at Alize. "So why did you kill her?" Calum asked,smirking a little and walking over. "I didn't mean to okay!" I defended myself and looked at Michael who was picking up her limp body. "We have to get rid of her. Burn her. Where she was fed on and killed,she'll be coming back soon and we can't have a vampire her like her around." He said to is 3 before pressing a button to a microphone,telling Bob to pull over. He did as told and Michael stepped off the bus,walking into a large cornfield. We were surrounded by fields. Kinda a jeepers creepers moment. Me,Luke and Calum looked out of the window,nothing visible except a dark red gas can Michael seemed to be holding. In a couple seconds,fire ignited. We were all in a daze by it,so much we didn't notice Michael until he was beside us. "Where did you get the gas and match?" Luke asked,the bright flames reflecting in his blue eyes. "Stole a can from the back of the bus where the extra gas is kept. Got the match from the cabinet." He said before walking to the couch and sitting down. We began to move again,watching as the bright,flickering flames slowly disappeared from view.

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