Chapter 27

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*Michaels Pov*
It took hours of treacherous walking. Well not really,I just had to walk down a highway and through some woods,but I'm quite the lazy person. After walking through the densely wooded forest,I came across a large cave. "Hello?" I called in,hearing something move around then bats flying out of the cave,squealing loudly. I continued on through the cave,being led by torches being lit as I walked by them,some unseen force causing it. "Who enters my home?" A small but mighty voice came from somewhere in the cave. "It is I!! Michael Clifford!!" I yelled back. "Enter young grasshopper." I heard the voice say. I walked forward and was met by a weird hunched thing in the corner,hearing scratching noises. "Mr. Horan?" I asked raising an eyebrow. The figure shot up,hitting his head on a shelf of junk,making him howl in pain. "Michael!! You know I get scared easily!" He whined. " knew I was here. We literally talked 5 seconds ago." I said laughing. "Oh." He said. The blonde man grabbed all his stuff from the floor which he had knocked over and placed it back on the shelf,then continued over to me,rubbing the back of his head. "I hope that hurt." I said smirking. "Hey! I can kill you ya know." He said pointing a finger at me. "Well yeah but I kinda need your help right now." I sighed,taking a seat on a stone made to look like some kind of weird chair. "What is it? I'm always here to help!" Niall said excitedly and sit down on another stone in front of mine. "Okay so I recently got a mate. She will not let me claim her or anything and--" I cut myself off. "Niall move your chair,it makes me feel like I'm in therapy." I said chuckling and picked up his stone chair and moved it a little so it wasn't directly in front of me. "Sure thing." He mumbled as I moved his chair,not giving him much of a choice. "Continue." He said once he sat again. "As I was saying,I recently got a mate and I can't claim her and I don't like it. She's too stubborn and I would like to undo the bond." I said to him,leaning back. "Breaking the bond is a very risky,powerful thing Michael. After it's gone,you can never get it back. Are you 100% sure Michael?" Niall asked me. Was I?
*Nialls Pov*
What he was doing was super risky. Actually it wasn't,but I just wanted to have a little fun with him. "Are you 100% sure Michael?" I asked and he took a minute to think. "It's not reversible? If I wanted her back or if she wanted me back,we couldn't bond again?" He asked. "No. It's a final decision." I said. "Let's do it. I doubt she would even want me back anyway." He sighed and I nodded. I sat up and walked to a cauldron filled with boiling water. I began filling it with items from all over. "What are you doing? Is it gonna break the bond?" Michael asked. I looked at him. "No. It's just soup. I got hungry,so let's hurry this up before it's done." I said walking to a shelf and bringing out a small box with a vile inside and took it to him. "You take this. You get some of her blood and yours. You mix it and then each of you drink half of it. The bond will be broken and voila,happy Michael and happy girl." I said and smiled. "Okay. Thank you Niall. I just hate seeing her not happy with me." He said and I patted his back. "Soup?" I asked walking to another shelf and getting 2 wooden bowls and 2 wooden spoons. "Nah. Thanks though." He said before walking out. "Your welcome." I said and watched as my friend left,leaving me with my thoughts and a whole cauldron of chicken soup.
~Next morning~
*Julias Pov*
I woke up late in the afternoon,stomach growling for food. I slowly climbed out of bed and walked into the hallway of the hotel,seeing Michael walking towards me. "Hi. Uhm...can I get any food?" I asked him,holding my hands tightly together behind my back. He intimidated me,too much. I looked down,not wanting to make eye contact. "Yeah. Come on,I'll make you my own special breakfast on the bus." He said,smirking. I wasn't sure if I liked that...but whatever. "There's a little blood drive down here in the lobby and I want you to donate. I need to know your blood type." Michael said,making me curious of why he needed to know it. "Why?" I asked him raising and eyebrow. "Don't ask questions,just do it and you'll be rewarded." He told me. I nodded,not really in the mood to argue with him. When we got into the lobby,there was a single nurse in an old nursing outfit,the ones with the skirts and sailor looking hats. "Come,dear Julia. Let's get your blood." She beckoned me. I gulped a little and walked on over to her. Without warning,she pricked me hard and I watched as my blood flowed into a small vile with the words N.H. printed on it. This didn't seem very professional,but it was too late now. "Thank you. Here you are Michael. Orange juice is over there." She said pointing to machine with different drinks it in. I headed on over but Michael stopped me. "I'll get it,love." He said and walked to the machine. I couldn't tell what he was doing,but it took a while. He eventually came back,mixing the orange juice with a spoon. "Whats in that?" I asked,watching as he drunk half of the little vile of blood. "I put some sugar in there for you. Don't worry,it's fine." He said sitting down beside you. I was reluctant,but downed the whole glass of orange juice. Suddenly,my whole body began to tingle and burn slightly,especially in the area Michael bit me when we bonded. I could tell Michael was having some discomfort,also. "Michael. What did you do?!" I asked jumping up. "I know you weren't happy Julia. I went to an old friend. He taught me how to break the bond. Your free. You don't have to stay with me any longer." He said standing up,walking away from me. "Michael! You can't just leave me here! I don't even know where we are! How am I supposed to get home?!" I yelled after him,beginning to follow,but he disappeared. "Michael." I whispered and fell to my knees. "Please stay." I whispered before blacking out.

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