Chapter 23

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*Lukes POV*
Calum walked to the front of the bus,getting called by Bob. "Were 'bout to stop for one of 'em interviews." Bob said,a large glob of tobacco in his jaw. "Okay. I'll tell the boys." Cal said,returning to where we were. "We have and interview right now,guys." He said,a slight smile on his face when we made eye contact. "Oh yay! We haven't had one since before tour started over a month ago!" Ashton said excitedly. "Jesus,Ash. Calm yourself." I said and chuckled and looked to Michael,who was still against the bathroom door trying to talk to Julia. "Julia. You have to come out now. Your involved in this interview. Everyone wants to know all about Michael's new girlfriend." I said smirking and winked at Mikey. Even I wanted to know about her. Everything. Oh wait,I'm gay.
*Julia's POV*
I continued sitting on the floor,enjoying some peace and quiet for once since I'd been kidnapped. After another attempt for Michael to get me out,Luke's voice showed. Something about me and an interview? Oh god. I was never one to be good around people and talking and answering things about myself. I mean,I hardly knew myself at all anymore. I took a deep breath and let it out and stood up and opened the door slowly,Michael grabbing my arm before I could take one step and pushing me against the wall. I had a feeling he was not kidding about not being able to stop him this time. Everything about him seemed stronger and more determined. He kissed my neck,leave small purple marks,and he probably would've left more if the boys didn't pull him off me. "God Michael! Your gonna have to stop!" I slightly yelled and went into the bunk room and got out a pair of skinny jeans,a lacy black crop top,a red and black plaid button up,and my black vans and put the outfit on,leaving the plaid shirt unbuttoned. I plugged my straighter into a plugin and let it get hot before running it through my hair quite swiftly then adding a black beanie. (A/N outfit goals) Michael walked in,a smirk appearing on his lips when he seen my choice of outfit. "Since when did you have your belly button pierced?" He asked and I looked down. I had totally forgotten I even had it pierced. "Oh. I've had it for a few months. Maybe a year." I said shrugging and walking to him. "It somehow makes you hotter than you already are." He smirked and placed a kiss to my lips. This kiss wasn't like his usual ones,which were forced and hungry. This one was soft and,dare I say it,pleasant? I kissed back momentarily before he pulled away and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Love you Abby." He said,his eyes growing a little wide. "Abby? Who's Abby?" I asked laughing a little. "Your little girlfriend?" I teased and walked away from him. I'd be lying if I said that him saying another girls name didn't make me just a little jealous.
*Michaels POV*
"I love you Abby." I said. I let it slip. Oh god. My life was ruined. She wasn't supposed to know about Abby! Not now,not ever! I mentally cursed myself and looked down at her as she teased me saying things like, "is she your girlfriend?" And such. My face fell into a stern look and my voice was cold. "You'll never know about Abby. She was in the past. Don't ask about her again." I said,walking off the tour bus when we came to a stop and slammed the door and walked inside the building where the interview would be held. I entered the double doors and was met by a small stage that had 5 stools on it and a long rows of chairs on front of them. I claimed a seat beside the edge of the stage and watched as the others came in. I chuckled a little,noticing there weren't enough stools for Julia to sit down. "Come here babe." I said opening my arms,pulling her into them and easily lifting her onto my lap and wrapping my arms around her small waist,kissing behind her ear. The boys sit down and the room began to fill with people,mostly girls. They obviously were trying to not go all crazy and mob us,but some failed and were taken out. Haha. A guy came out from a door beside the stage and sit on a stool. "Hello and welcome back to KWFK Radio. Let's have a big hand for one of the biggest bands in music today, 5 Seconds of Summer and a special guest brought with them. Guitarist Michael Clifford supposed girlfriend. The rumors seem to be true as they are all cuddled up on this stool,right fam?" He said into a mic,making the small group of people cheer. I chuckled and took a mic and nodded. "Yes. I'm no longer single,ladies. I am taken by the wonderful Julia and I love her with all my heart and I know for a fact she is the one." I said,not messing up once. I heard a few "awws" and a couple people say things like,"she's another taylor swift. She'll leave him for another guy." She wouldn't though. I wouldn't let her.
*Calums POV*
We all went inside the building,Luke and I side by side and Ashton behind us. I grabbed mic and sit on an open stool beside Luke while Ash took the other. The interviewer came out and began to ask Michael questions
about Julia and all that stuff. "So,boys. Anything new us fans need to know? Any new albums coming out after tour? Any relationships? Etcetera..." He said,fading off at the end. "Yeah there's going to be a lot more albums after this tour so you guys get ready." Ashton said,smiling brightly. "As for relationships..Luke and Calum have something to tell everyone in the fandom." He continued. "Oh? Tell us." The interviewer said,his eyes widening with the juicy details. "Well,me and Luke are kinda in a relationship." I said proudly and kissed Luke's cheek. That was the moment the group of people in the room lost their minds. They screamed and some even started crying. "It's okay guys. Calm down." I said chuckling softly as they got out their phones and began to record all of this. "Wait a minute! Cake is happening?!" The interviewer asked and Luke grabbed me and kissed me hungrily. "Does that answer your question?" He asked when he pulled away smirking. Oh yeah. Cake was real.

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