Chapter 3 -Meeting-

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Michael's POV~
I ran and ran until I reached the tour bus. I climbed inside and paced back and forth,my hands gliding through my fluffy Red hair and sweat pouring down my face. My eyes wide with fear of rejection. I seen her in the crowd. Her eyes met with mine and she was all I could see. I felt that 'click' and the sparks that supposedly come when you see your mate. I took deep breaths until I heard some knocks on the bus door. "Who is it?" I asked with a shaky voice. "It's Julia. I'm a big fan." Said the most beautiful voice I had ever heard in my entire life. All 132 years of it.
Julia's POV~
Michael ran off stage. This was my chance. My chance to find him,ask him what happened,kiss him,fall in love,and get married. Too deep? Okay,I'm done. "Hey Alize. I-I'll be back. Gotta run to the punk rock room." I said looking around. Alize and I usually called the bathroom 'punk rock room',just incase you were confused. I jumped up from my seat and fast walked down the aisle and up the stairs and headed outside. He could've been only 2 places. Backstage,or tour bus. No way I was getting backstage so I took my chances with the tour bus. I walked to the back of the stadium to see a large bus parked. The Gus Bus. Woah. Even more amazing in person. I walked up to the door and took a deep breath and knocked three times. I heard a faint Australian accept, "who is it?" My breathing got shallow and I shook my head. "It's Julia. I'm a big fan." I said lightly. Oh god. I just ruined it with the fan part. Probably scared the poor guy off. Suddenly the door opened revealing a shocked looking Michael Clifford.

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