Chapter 24

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*Harrys POV*
She looked so beautiful. She looked so perfect standing there. Her back was turned to me,her small petite hands combing through her thick black hair. Her light green eyes glancing over at me every once in a while. "Your very beautiful,Alize." I told her,feeling satisfied as a small blush crept onto her delicate features. "Thank you,Mr. Styles." She mumbled softly. "I told you,call me Harry." I said chuckling lightly. "Okay,Harry." She said,grinning. I opened my arms wide and smiled. "Come here." I mumbled softly and watched as she turned away from the mirror and came towards me and lied in my arms. I wrapped them tightly around me and kissed her cheek. "I'm so lucky to have a girl like you." I whispered in her ear,leaving a small kiss behind it. I truly was. She was just so amazing and everything I'd ever dreamed of wanting. Needed. I think I loved her,already. After just about 2 days but I didn't care. She was mine and would be for eternity.
*Michaels POV*
The interview finished and the boys and I took a couple pictures with fans and signed things. "I'm getting hungry." Ashton said,smirking a little. His eyes glanced around the room,landing on a small girl with green eyes and blonde hair. "You. Come here." Ashton said to her,watching as the young girl came over. "You have been chosen to come on the tour bus for a free acoustic concert! Come with me." He said,taking her hand and leading her out onto the tour bus. Poor girl.
*Ashtons POV*
I seen her. I was drawn to her and immediately knew I wanted her blood. I called her over and told her lies about some free acoustic concert. Whatever. I took her small hand in my inhumanly large ones and led her to the tour bus and walked inside. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her as soon as the door closed. "I couldn't control myself." I mumbled as I kissed up and down her neck. "What's your name?" I asked smirking. "Gemma. Gemma Styles." Gemma. It suited her very well. "I like it." I said and laughed lightly and kissed her again. She didn't seem to mind that I was kissing her and was obliviously enjoying it. I mean,who wouldn't enjoy an Ashton Irwin kiss? "Ashton we can't. I have a boyfriend. I just can't betray him." She told me. I couldn't help but back away and almost fall laughing. "You think we were gonna do something? Oh honey,I'm just using you." I whispered before pushing her harshly against the wall again and pulling her head to the side. "Ashton stop! Your hurting me!" She struggled to get out. "That's kinda the point." I said and sunk my teeth into her. She screamed out in pain,but they soon died down. I backed away and her limp body fell to the floor. "Now I'll have to clean this beautiful mess up." I said to myself and took her body and pushed it under a car in the parking lot. They'd find her later. I wiped my bloody mouth and went back onto the tour bus and began to clean up all the blood. When I just finished,the boys and Julia walk back on,all of them laughing a little until they seen me. "Ashton's always killing someone." Calum said,taking Luke's hand as he sighed. "How else are we supposed to live?" He asked smirking. "Not arguing with that." Luke said sitting down on the couch and pulling Calum into his lap. "I love my squishy." He said giggling and placing loving kisses all over Calum's face. "Ew stop your giving me cooties!" Calum complained,but Luke continued. "Your giving me something that you'll have to help with later." He said winking,knowing that everyone knew exactly what he was talking about. Naughty breadstick.
So... This fanfic tho haha. Do you guys like it? Like seriously I feel like I'm writing this for nothing and I don't like it 😐 it has votes and stuff but like I hardly ever get comments telling me if you guys like it.
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