Chapter 28

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*Julias POV*
I woke up somewhere totally unfamiliar to me. It was dark,but shapes could be seen. A sudden crash erupted from beside me. I jumped up and looked around,my heart beating fast in my chest,"hello?" I called out to the mysterious entity. "Sorry,love. I didn't mean to wake you." A foreign voice said. I heard someone clap and torches along the walls became flamed. "Hi. I'm Niall Horan." He said. Before me stood a young man,with light blonde and brown hair,and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen on any person. They didn't do any justice to Michael's,though. Michael. Oh my god. My baby. Tears poked in my eyes,making Niall run to me and wrap me in his arms. "You okay,darling?" He asked with genuine care. "M-Michael." I stuttered out,making him pull me closer than ever before. "I've got you now,and I'm not letting you go. I won't hurt you like Michael did. I'll protect you." He whispered in my ear. I felt immediate calmness and...happiness? It was a nice feeling,to be honest. "You're mine now,Julia." With that,I hugged the blonde haired boy back.
*Michael's POV*
I left her there. Me and the boys were back on the tour bus,driving away from all the lies,all the pain,my beautiful mate. Anger washes through me,making me wonder why I let her go in the first place. I couldn't just leave her there on the floor of the hotel. I pulled out my phone and texted one of Nialls friends,Louis,who was actually into technology,unlike the Stone Age blonde. *Tell Niall and tell him to come to Beaumont Hotel and get Julia. He knows her. I left her there,he needs to go get her.* I sent to Louis. I dropped my phone and fell back onto the couch,taking a deep breath while running my face. What was wrong with me? I was completely stupid and an utter fool. Julia was a single girl now,anyone could have her. Everyone but me. My undead heart felt as if it were breaking into a million tiny pieces. My babygirl. She was gone.
*Nialls POV*
"Okay...mix 2 potatoes with 3 carrots and fill to the brim with water and onions." I said softly to myself. I was currently learning how to make some potato and carrot soup. I really enjoyed cooking,it was a great pass time for someone who spent their whole life in a cave. "NIALL! NIALL!" I heard from the start of my cave. I could tell it was Louis by his deep,yet soft,scratchy voice. "Michael just texted me,something about a girl called Julia. He left her at Beaumont Hotel and she's alone. He wants you to go get her." He said to me. I got up and grabbed his shoulder. "Julia?!? As in his ex mate?!" We have to go! Now Louis!"
We arrived at the hotel and found Julia passed out in the middle of the floor. The boys hadn't left for long,their scents were still extremely fresh here,while a nurse was packing up her things. "Julia?" I called out,no response. I walked over with Louis,whom helped me pick her up and carry her out to his car. "We have to get her back to my cave." I told Louis. He drove back and we took her inside,setting her on the cave floor. "Baby, have to wake up soon." I whispered,softly kissing her forehead before walking away to continue cooking my soup.
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