Chapter 19

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*Michaels POV*
After a while of attempting to make some pancakes with Julia,we finally finished. The ones I had made were oddly shaped and had some chunks taken out of them. Julias on the other hand were perfectly circle and looked incredibly smooth. Everything she done was perfect. "Are yours even edible Michael?" She asked me,her eyebrow raising. "I'll have you know that they are 100% edible." I said,picking one up and biting into it,only causing a very disgusting taste to erupt in my mouth. "Okay. Maybe they're not 100% edible." I said in defeat and dropped them on the plate. "Aw I can show you." Julia told me,a giggle escaping her mouth making me smile brightly. "Come on then." I said backing away from the small stove and wrapping my arms around her from behind.
*Julias POV*
I knew Michael's pancakes wouldn't be good. At all. Just the way they looked could give off a warning that they weren't the best. "Are yours even edible Michael?" I asked,a small sigh following. He responded with "I'll have you know that they are 100% edible." But I didn't believe him. He picked one up and bit into it and you could just see the disgust on his face. "Okay. Maybe they're not 100% edible." He mumbled. Yes. I win again.
*Unknowns POV*
I watched from afar at the poor girl slowly crawling away from a blazing fire in the middle of a massive corn field. I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a tour bus driving off into the distance. What did we have here? I walked towards the fire and came upon the girl. She was badly burned,but seemed to be just fine. She climbed to her knees and then stood up. "You there!" I called out to her,her head snapping in my direction. "What happened to you?" I asked,curiosity filling me up. "I don't know. The last thing I remembered was being on the tour bus and Ashton coming really close to me." She told me. "Ashton?" I asked. "Yes'm. Ashton Irwin." She said,her eyes showing fear from just saying the name. "Okay,love,I'll take you back to mine and get you rested up and then we'll go hunt these guys." I told her and she nodded repeatedly. "Thank you so much mister...mister...I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." She mumbled as we walked away from the fire. "Forgive me for not mentioning it earlier. But,it's Harry. Harry Styles."

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