Chapter 13

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*julias POV*
I suddenly began to feel very light headed and started to panic. "Y-you kidnapped me?" I asked before sitting down on the couch,confused. "I prefer surprise adoption." Michael said,a smirk bright on his face. I looked up at him and glared. "You think it's funny?! It's not funny at all Michael! You just kidnapped me! It's a crime!" I yelled,standing up and pushed him,making him stumble back a little. He caught his balance and looked at me,his eyes full of amusement...of me. "Darling,do you really believe I,Michael Clifford,guitarist in one of the most popular bands in the world,would be charged with a crime? I mean..all I would have to do is hire a lawyer and do a little bribing and I'm free. So...that means your mine." He told me in a matter of fact tone. I scoffed and crossed my arms. "In your dreams,Clifford. I'm done with you and your little game." I said and walked towards the part where the guy was driving the bus. "Stop the b-" I was cut off when a hand flew over my mouth and I was pulled back forcibly into someone's chest. I turned to see Calum holding me close to him,arms wrapped tight around me,making me breath improperly. "Calum... I can't breathe." I managed to mumble quietly out. His grip loosened only a little and he stared deep in my eyes. "Don't ever do that again. Bob would report us in a second. He's already tired of us and tour just started and we don't need you making it worse." He spat at me and shoved me to the ground. In a split second,Michael was by my side,holding me and brought me to my feet again. His eyes turning bright red and his teeth clenched. As I was backing away from him,preparing for the worst,he jumped away from me and had Calum pinned against the wall. "Don't ever...I mean ever...push her again." He threatened to Calum,dropping his body onto the ground and punching him square in the jaw. "Michael stop!" I screamed and attempted to pull him off Calum. He finally gave and we fell backwards onto the floor. He was still clearly angry and was trying to grab Calum again. I grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. "Michael calm down. It's okay. Calm down." I soothed him and ran my thumb over his cheek attempting to calm him a little. It took a good 5 minutes before his eyes slowly turned back to normal and he was pulling me into a hug. Ashton and Luke seemed kinda surprised while Calum laid on the floor,passed out for the time being. "Wow. Usually takes us an hour or so to calm him down." Luke said to us. "I guess I just have a magic touch." I whispered and smiled a little at Michael before looking over at Calum. "Is he going to be okay?" I asked,slightly worried. "Oh he'll be fine. Michael broke his jaw and he passed out but when he wakes,his jaw will be fixed and he'll be same old Calum." Ashton said and chuckled a little. *Vampires* I thought to myself and rolled my eyes mentally. I stood up off the ground and was pulled back into Michael in a warm embrace. I sighed a little before hugging him back. I said I was done with him. Clearly I wasn't.

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