Chapter 9

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*Michaels POV*
" wanna head back and go on the bus for a little while?" I asked Julia. Hopefully the boys had done their job with Alize so now all I had to do was get Julia on the bus and we were free to go. "Yea sure,that sounds like fun." She told me and I took her hand and began to lead her back. After a short walk,we were back to the bus. I stepped inside and seen the boys cleaning up some blood on the floor and their mouths. "What happened?" I asked,getting suspicious. "Oh uh...we found some random girl on the street and she thought we were going to hurt her so she punched us in the mouths." Luke said,looking at Julia the whole time,panic clear in his voice. "Julia. Can you go into the other room for a second and let me talk to these idiots?" I asked her and she nodded and walked off. "You didn't do what I think you did,did you?" I asked the boys. "Tell me you didn't kill Alize." I said,my voice growing threatening and angry. "No. We didn't kill her. She was close to death,but she's alive and still human and in our closet." Luke said. "That wasn't the plan! It was just to kidnap her and keep her,not drink from her!" I whispered yelled and threw my hands up and ran them through my hair. "You just made this so much harder." I said and shoved them out of the way. "Okay Julia. You can come out." I said.
*Julias POV*
We went back to the bus and there was blood on the floor and on the boys. I couldn't even imagine what had happened. Michael told me to go into the other room,so I did. But I eavesdropped cause who wouldn't wanna hear their boyfriend going off on his friends. But,what I heard made me want to run away from them and never come back. "Okay Julia,you can come out." Michael said. He opened up the door and I stared at him wide eyed then stepped away from him. "Michael. Stay away from me." I said and put my hands in front of me. "I mean it. Stay. Away." I said scared. "Babe what's wrong?" He asked stepping closer. "W-what did you mean by 'drink from her' and 'she's still human'. Does that mean she almost wasn't human anymore?" I asked,this probably sounded so stupid,but it's what I heard. "Listen." Michael said,stepping closer and held me close to him as he pushed me against the wall. "You can't remember any of this. You won't remember." He said in a quiet,gentle voice trying to make me look in his eyes. I denied. "Stop Michael! Let me go!" I screamed. "What's wrong?" Michael asked and held me tighter. I glanced in his eyes and the last thing I said before blacking out was, "can't you tell I'm scared of you,Michael?"
this story is so bad lol

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