Chapter 18

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*Julias POV*
I eventually woke up,around late evening. Wow. I'd slept for at least 12 hours. I've never slept that long in my 18 years. Maybe something about being with a vampire did something to you. Speaking of him,where was my vampire? I turned over and seen Michael standing up slipping on a pair of jeans and grabbing a shirt. I took my time and checked him out,like I had many times before. He had a slightly muscular build,a small stomach with some abs trying to break their way out. His shirt was on after a couple seconds and smirked a little. "Nice to see your finally up. Good morning,love." He said looking to me and smiled happily. "Good morning Michael." I whispered lightly and sit up. Memories of yesterday flooded my mind. Alize was dead. Burned in a field,most likely being discovered hours before I had woke. Thoughts of her charred body just lying there made me want to burst out crying. But I was strong. I kept the tears in. I got up off the bunk and walked to my suitcases of clothes which Michael had somehow smuggled on board. "I'm gonna go shower." I said weakly and walked into the small bathroom. I shut the door and made sure to lock it before turning to the shower and flipping on the water. I undressed while I let the water get warm,eventually getting in. I sighed in relief as the hot water hit my tense muscles. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and scrubbed my greasy hair down and rinsed it out. Next I got a bottle of candy apple soap and lathered my body in it. I finished my shower and got out and wrapped the towel around my head and got my clothes. I slipped on my undergarments and then added a pair of black skinny jeans,a black the 1975 shirt tucked into my pants and a black and red plaid shirt over it with a pair of converse. After that I got the small travel size hair dryer and let it do it's magic and then brushed my tangly hair out and straightened it. I finished and walked out and yawned once again before sitting down at the booth in the kitchen. "You hungry babe?" Michael asked me,searching through the cabinets for food I was guessing. "Nah. I'm not hungry." I mumbled while looking out of the window. Since I came here,well was basically kidnapped,I just didn't have an appetite anymore...but could anyway blame me? I sighed and crossed my arms and began to think about my family and friends. Were they missing me as much as I missed them? Those thoughts were followed by others. How long had I been gone? Were they searching for me? I rubbed my temples hoping to calm down my stress levels and looked over at Michael and began to smile. He had one pancake on his head,and one was stuck to the ceiling slowly peeling off and he was trying to flip one. "What are you doing?" I asked laughing heavily. "I'm trying to cook." He said as if it were obvious. "It's not cooking your doing,that is called pancake torture." I said smiling and got up and walked over. I knew I was gonna be here for a while,so why not be nice to the boys for once? Oh wait..they ruined my life,that's why.

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