Chapter 26

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*Michael's POV*
She woke up terrified. She told me about her dream and I couldn't help but chuckle. I was dying on the inside,trying not to burst from the hidden laughter. Something else was there too,though. Something I'd never think I would do. Sometimes,I just got this terrible urge to kill Julia. Drink her blood. Watch her suffer. It was a terrible thing to think about my mate...but it just happened. Uncontrollable,like my love for her. I loved her so much I would kill her. Perfect relationship...right? She eventually fell back asleep,finally calming down after that dream and I knew I had to do something. I climbed out of bed and left her there. I quietly tiptoed to the front of the bus where Bob was. "Hey Bob",I whispered,"how far are we from Wisconsin?" I asked him. "Where about 15 minutes away from
Shawano." He told me,making the bus make a quick turn to the right. "Okay. Can we stop at a hotel for the night?" I asked and he nodded. "Yeah I could use some rest." He said smirking a little. I nodded once before turning and walking back to Julia. The bus stopped a little while later and I picked up the tired girl in my arms and held her tight and walked off the bus and into the hotel. I ignored the front desk ladies requests to come back and pay. "Bob will get it." I said continuing on my way. I found a room on the first floor and swung open the door. I shut it back and locked it and took Julia to the bed and lied her down. Gently,I kissed her forehead and walked back out of the room. I placed a do not disturb sign on the door and continued on down the hallway. I had to find him. Now.
*Calums POV*
I was woken up when the bus came to a quick stop. I shot up and realized I couldn't move. What? I looked down and seen Luke's arm wrapped tightly around my waist,snuggling me closer each time I tried to move. " it's time to get up. Where at a hotel I think." I said to him. He moaned and slowly woke up. "Come on." I said chuckling a little and climbed out of bed and threw on a random t shirt along with Luke and just left my boxers on and walked off the bus. "ASHTON IRWIN WAKE UP!" I yelled making him fall out of his bunk. I laughed and walked into the hotel and seen Michael coming down the hallway,Julia nowhere to be seen. "Hey. Where your chick?" I asked as I stopped in front of him. "She's asleep." He answered simply,seeming slightly annoyed. "What's up?" I asked,furrowing my eyebrows in curiosity. "Nothing Calum. Just go to bed." He snapped at me. "Michael we both know something is up with you. What is it. Tell me. I'm like your brother,you can legit tell me anything." I snapped back. He looked at me and placed his calloused hands on his hips and let out an aggravated sigh. "I'm going to 'him' and letting him take Julia away from me. I don't want to be mates with her anymore. It's gotten too hard to ignore the thirst for her. She won't let me claim her...there's nothing I can do." He said,his voice breaking. "Michael. You can't. She loves you and I KNOW you love her. You can't even deny that,mate." I told him sighing heavily. "I have to Calum. It won't turn out good if I don't. I'll end up killing her and feeling super guilty about it. I have too." He said shrugging. I looked at him before raising my shoulders a little. "Fine." I said letting out a breath I didn't even need. "Glad you understand." He said before continuing on his way. "Michael." I said,turning around to face him. "Yeah cal?" He asked. "You might want a shirt and pants." I said and walked on down towards the room Luke had gotten for us. What was Michael doing?
*Michaels POV*
I explained all my troubles to Calum and he took it surprisingly well. Kinda. As I was walking away,he stopped me and I groaned and turned around. "Yeah Cal?" I asked. "You might want a shirt and pants." He said,making a small smirk appear on my lips. "Okay." I mumbled before quietly slipping back onto the tour bus and grabbing a pair of black jeans and a flannel and my combat boots. I looked in the mirror and raised an eyebrow. Vampires were supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful,smooth pale skin,light eyes...but I was the complete opposite. My skin looked tired and gross. I had bags under my eyes and my eyes...oh my eyes. They weren't their usual light greenish bluish. They were a sappy brown with black dots. Boring. I was dying. I hadn't drunk blood in a while. Having a mate had caused me so much stress that I had forgotten to eat. I walked to the mini fridge and grabbed a blood bag and drank it down. Then another and another. After about 5,I was satisfied and looked in the mirror again. I was my normal self,not much better,but better than I was. "Let's go do this." I said sadly and ran out of the door and down the road. Now the challenge started. Finding 'him'.

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