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Across the room your silhouette

Starts to make its way to me

Chapter 03 ~ Enchanted

      Liam Slater

Marcy used to be my best friend, but now she wasn't much of anything.

Scotty, Marcy and I used to call ourselves the three musketeers when we were little, because we wouldn't let anyone into our group. I didn't even dare try to be friends with anyone who wasn't them. That's how close our bond was.

Scotty and I were a lot closer than me and Marcy will ever be, and Marcy doesn't know that. As far as she was concerned, our best friend committed suicide, not my boyfriend.

Countless times, I had contemplated whether or not to tell her. I always decided against it in the end.

Because Marcy doesn't know how I truly feel about Scotty, I couldn't consider us friends anymore. Friends were supposed to know what you were thinking and be able to console you in times of need. Marcy didn't know that I think about Scotty all hours of the day or how to make me feel better.

That wasn't her fault, but she continued to try and try and try until I became completely annoyed with her trying to fix everything. No matter how many times she said it, things will never be okay.

"You nervous?" She asked from beside me. Her big chocolate colored eyes were the kind of eyes that you can tell were smiling from the heart, which described Marcy perfectly. She was always happy.

I shrugged. "This isn't my first time here."

Marcy's lips tugged into the faintest of smiles as she placed a comforting hand on my knee and sunk back into her seat. "I know, but everyone gets a little nervous when they have to see a shrink."

I tried not to laugh at her ignorance. "How would you know? Have you ever been to one?" I snapped my eyes to her at that instant, and I knew they looked less than friendly.

She did this thing where she opens her mouth but quickly closes it when she realizes she can't counter my remark. Instead, she smiled at me. "Well, let me know when you're done so we can grab some frozen yogurt or something." Her hand left my knee at the same time she stood to her full height. Before leaving, Marcy gazed back at me to ensure I heard her. "Frozen yogurt sounds good?"

I shrugged again, knowing that I would purposely forget to tell her when my session was done and send her a quick text when I was already home. "Sure."

"Great," she breathed out with a smile. "Good luck, Liam!" Her mocha eyes twinkled with excitement as she waved at me and gathered her things. I watched as she sauntered out of the waiting room, letting the glass door slowly fall shut behind her.

A sigh of relief fell from my lips when I knew she was gone, and I shifted my attention to all the vacant chairs in the waiting room.

Dr.Reis had a very small clientele pool, because he was new in the area and he was relatively new at his job. He had only about a year of experience as a therapist, which was why his price rates were so low. Knowing this, I thought it was ridiculously optimistic to have a waiting room with so many seats that will never be filled.

It seemed I had spoken too soon, because the door opened only minutes after Marcy was gone. A slender boy strolled in with his fingers feverishly tapping on his cell phone and his eyes just as attached to the device. He looked oddly familiar, but I didn't care enough to try to remember who he was.

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