28 | ι'м onℓу мє ωнєn ι'м ωιтн уoυ

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I know everything about you

I don't wanna live without you

Chapter 28 ~ I'm Only Me When I'm With You

Max Caldwell

I hardly slept the weeks following the car accident.

It wasn't because I was traumatized; in fact, I don't really remember much about the accident aside from the fact that it happened. It wasn't because I was battling insomnia or anything, because I'm sure I had the power to get a full night's rest of sleep. It was because I had spent most of my nights wrapped in Liam's arms, talking about anything that came to our minds.

It was perfect, really. His parents approved of us and my dad agreed to tolerate us, so we were allowed to spend as much time together as we wanted. Sometimes, I would spend the night at his place or he would spend the night at mine. Whatever the case, it was nice to have him around and it was nice to know he loved me as much as I loved him. We did almost everything together. I could tell him anything and know it would be safe with him.

For the first time, I truly understood what it felt like to be in a relationship. It was everything I had imagined, and more.

So when I ran into my house with a beige envelope pressed tightly against my chest, I expected Liam to be just as excited as I was about the news. I nearly ran into him and he caught me in an effort to keep us both from tackling to the floor. "Whoa, there," he chuckled softly. "Where you speedin' to?"

I couldn't contain my excitement, not with the exciting news sitting at the top of my tongue. "Guess what!"

"What?" He asked with a comical grin.

I showed him the address printed on the envelope and squealed, "I got in!"

Liam's brow furrowed in confusion and his bottom lip stuck out in a slight pout. "Got in what?"

"The art summer camp!" I exclaimed as I allowed the giddiness to take over my body. Carefully removing the fancy, printed, congratulations letter from its safe place inside the envelope, I held it up for him to read and squealed a little bit more. I wanted to do more than just squeal, but the frown slowly making its way onto Liam's face stopped me from doing so. "What?" I questioned. "What is it?"

He shoved his hands into his front pockets and pulled a non-committed half smile. When he finally spoke, he was slow and reluctant with his answer, "Well, are you gonna go?"

"Of course I'm going to go," I said with a slight scoff. I didn't even think about how my words must've affected him until his a look of concern flashed over his face. "Liam, I've been dreaming about this school since forever. I-I have to go."

No matter how hard I tried, Liam just didn't seem to reciprocate my excitement. He only stared back at me with expressionless turquoise eyes. "You'll be gone for the whole summer," he pointed out as though the thought hadn't crossed my mind before. "I won't see you."

"But you can call me," I tagged on quickly, before he could get discouraged. I took a step closer to him and twisted my hands into his shirt, pulling him closer to me, "and text me and send me pictures."

He raked a lazy hand through his spiky hair, and sighed. "It's not the same."

I understood where Liam was coming from. After all, he had just gotten himself to move on from Scotty, if even in the slightest, just so he could fully commit himself to me. Now that he had, I was going to leave him alone for a few months. But there wasn't much I could say or do to console him. I had been dreaming about art camp way before I met Liam and it would be stupid of me to pass up the opportunity just because I loved my boyfriend too much.

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