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a/n: Wattpad has been off their game lately and because of that, I accidentally published this chapter (when it was unfinished) like three times and no matter how many times I "unpublished" it, people kept commenting on a chapter that wasn't complete and didn't make any sense. And I'm really pissed off about it because I didn't want anyone to read it before it was actually ready to be read.

I was so pissed off that I didn't even have any motivation to finish the chapter but I pushed through because of the fact that people already read it.

anyway, onto the chapter.

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But I don't wanna dance

If I'm not dancing with you

Chapter 30 ~ Holy Ground

Max Caldwell

Today was my last day in Summer Hill. At approximately 12 pm tomorrow, I would be on a bus with all the other artistic kids like me and we would be on our way to a summer camp nearly three hours away from Summer Hill.

As one would imagine, I was pretty torn. I had been dying to go to this camp ever since I applied, but I never thought that I would have a boyfriend at the same time. I didn't want to leave Liam alone, especially not after he found out the truth surrounding Scotty's death. He cried for four days straight and I was there to comfort him. I didn't want to imagine how much of a mess he'd be without me.

With a sigh, I pushed open Liam's bedroom door and inched my way in. He was wrapped up in his sheets, like he had been for the past few days. He had promised me that we would go on as many dates as we could during my last week in town, but our plans changed when Scotty came up.

I didn't totally mind that, though. He didn't push me away when he thought about Scotty; in fact, he held onto me tighter.

And that was all I needed to be truly happy.

"Liam, I made you breakfast," I said softly. "Please get out of bed."

His head popped up from under the covers. "What'd you make?"

"Scrambled eggs and bacon."

Much to my surprise, he kicked his legs out from under the sheets and reached for his crutches to help him stand to his feet. With a slight curvature of the lips, Liam made his way to me and carefully took the plate from my hands. "Thanks."

I nodded. "Are you feeling better?"

He shrugged carelessly as he balanced himself on one of his crutches and used his free hand to twist the fork in between his fingers. He had done that for a while before he actually started to eat his food. That was one of the things I noticed about him-he had a bad habit of playing with his food and I found that to be totally adorable.

"I'm okay," he responded, "but I still can't help but think that it's my fault. If I had noticed he was using, I could've stopped him."

There he was, again, blaming himself. "Marcy tried to stop him," I noted. "He was addicted, Liam. No one could convince him to stop except himself."

Liam was silent. He stared down at the plate of food and pouted a little. "Yeah, but I was his boyfriend."

"What difference does that make?"

"He would've listened to me," he answered promptly, "then he would still be alive."

I knew Liam wasn't intending to hurt my feelings, but I couldn't help myself from feeling a bit sad. Surely, if Scotty was still alive, then Liam wouldn't need to see Dr. Reis every week and we would've never met. Even if we had, he would've been so in love that he wouldn't have given me a second glance. I wouldn't say that I was glad that Scotty was out of the picture, but I knew that if he was in the picture, Liam would run back to him in a heartbeat.

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