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All I feel in my stomach is butterflies

The beautiful kind making up for lost time

Chapter 07 ~ Everything Has Changed

Liam Slater

My parents didn't quite agree with my decision to quit school.

They claimed I was giving up years of hard work and the chance of being a successful business man in the future. They said my grieving stage would pass, and I would regret not staying in school. So far, they've been wrong.

How could I go back to that place? It was filled with fake people with fake concerns. They would say, "I heard what happened to Scotty. That's so horrible. He was such a nice kid," like they had any idea who he was. Most of them didn't even know Scotty, let alone liked him. They bullied him, made him feel worthless and unimportant. And yet, they were all apologies when he died.

I had sworn to myself and Scotty that I would never go back to the place that killed him.

But it wasn't like I expected Marcy to understand that, because she had just asked me the most absurd question I had ever heard.

"Hey, did you hear what I said?" She asked. Her deep umber eyes shone in anticipation as she nervously bit down on her plump, bottom lip. She had unknowingly scooted closer to me on my bed - closer than I was willing to allow.

I didn't respond to her question, because I didn't know how to.

"Liam," she said softly as she moved a bit closer to me. Her pink lips curled into a faint smile. "I want you to go to prom with me."

I heard her the first time, but it sounded even more repulsing the second time. Not only did I not want to attend any school events, I also didn't want to attend a school event with Marcy of all people.

She must've sensed my distress because she cleared her throat to quickly clarify the terms of her proposal. "Well, not as a couple or anything," she laughed. "I mean, we can go as friends. I don't have a date and you haven't had any real fun since Scotty, so I want to show you a good time. Please let me?"

Everything inside me told me to say no. Being forced to talk to her right now made me slightly irritated, so I didn't want to imagine what spending a whole night with her would be like. But whether I wanted to admit it or not, Marcy was there for me. I didn't want her to be there, but she was. The least I could do was repay her.

"Fine," I said with a shrug.

"Really?" Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets and rolled onto the floor from all the excitement. She threw her arms around my neck and tackled me onto the bed, squealing in happiness. "This is amazing, Liam!"

I let out a low growl when her grip around my neck tightened and her leg started to slip between mine. "Marcy," I snapped.

She pulled away from the hug almost immediately when she heard how irritated I sounded. "Sorry," she said quickly. "I just got really excited."

I gave her a crazed look, before inching away from her completely.

Marcy was really good at reading emotions. I really didn't know where she got it from, but it annoyed the hell out of me. I could never just be without Marcy chiming in with her theories and solutions to my problems.

She understood there was a bigger issue here, at least when it came to how I was acting. "It's Scotty," she pointed out, "isn't it?"

Marcy was usually right about her speculations, but she had yet to figure out what Scotty really meant to me. I wasn't exactly hiding it from her, but in all honesty, she didn't need to know.

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