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First thought when I wake up

Is my god he's beautiful

Chapter 02 ~ I'd Lie

      Max Caldwell

"You should've seen him!" I cried out in desperation as I flipped onto my bed and stared up at the green colored ceiling of my room. A smile quickly grew onto my face when I recalled the image of the hottest specimen to ever walk the earth. Everything about him was intriguing: the way those specs of green seemed to trickle into the pale blue pools he called eyes, the way his jaw seemed to be cut to perfection with the perfect cheekbones to match, the way those damn freckles dotted his nose, and the way he played so hard to get.

"He was so beautiful," I said in a breathless whisper. "He was literally life."

The bed dipped when Trey took a seat at the edge of it. He gazed down at me with a curious look growing in his deep brown eyes. "I bet," he said with a teasing smile. His words were followed by a quick tug of the baseball cap he always seemed to wear no matter how ridiculous and unfashionable it was.

I sat up abruptly, my eyes growing wide. "Ohmigod," I said so quickly that it came out as one word. "He can be number twenty nine."

I already knew Trey's response would be an eye roll, like all of Trey's responses. "Twenty nine? Seriously? Do you even know him? Is he even gay?"

Waving a hand to dismiss his questions, I plopped back down on the mattress. "That's irrelevant, Trey. The real question is 'is he single?'"

He let out another pessimistic sigh and inched off the bed. Every time I had my eyes set on another boy, Trey would be there to rationalize the situation for me. I appreciated the gesture, but he was only being a boring stick-in-the-mud because the love of his life happened to be in love with the love of my life, which was what brought us together. We had sworn an oath never to get involved with beautiful men ever again.

But that was, of course, until I screwed around with everyone on my long list of heartbreaks.

"He was truly amazing, Trey. I'm telling you. No one can compare to him, aside from Jamie. Like, he came real close to topping him and you know how hard it is to knock Jamie from my number one."

Trey adjusted his baseball cap again. "I know how hard it is, because you say it every single time you find someone new."

Maybe that was true, but it was different this time. "I think he's gonna be a keeper."

He let out an dry laugh as he shuffled towards the nearest window and peered out of it. "That'll last for a week or so before he dumps you after you've given him your virginity ... again."

I truly despised negative people and lately, that was all Trey seemed to be. He was the first real gay friend of mine who hadn't tried to get into my pants. Although, I would be lying if I said I haven't dreamed of getting into Trey's pants once or twice.

If you looked past his ugly baseball hats, you'd see that Trey had the most beautiful, soulful, brown eyes. His skin resembled caramel in its color and its smoothness, and he had the most brilliant pair of white teeth I've ever seen.

Had he ditched the ugly clothes, did something different with his hair and became a blockbuster actor, he would look exactly like Taylor Lautner - more or less. His brown skin wasn't deep enough or light enough to classify him as a single race, which could be attributed to his white mother and black father. In fact, the only thing that gave away Trey's race was the way he spoke. He'd always use lingo that I couldn't understand and words that I wasn't supposed to say.

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