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I believe in whatever you do

I'll do anything to see it through

Chapter 27 ~ Change

       Liam Slater

I don't know if I ever made it clear enough, but I really did not like Trey.

If the eerie silence we had been sitting in for the past five minutes was any indicator, then he really didn't like me either. It wasn't like I cared, anyway. I didn't live to please him.

Trey snuck a quick glance at me briefly before glancing back toward the road. "You don't deserve him, you know," he said through the silence.

That made me laugh. "What? And you do?"

He gripped the wheel with both hands, a small smile curving his lips. "Yes."

I tried to hold in my laughter, but I let it loose when I realized I didn't care if my comment dented his ego. "Really?" I challenged him. "Because up until I came along, you refused to be seen with him in public."

Trey's smile slowly faded away, obviously recognizing that I was right. "At least I had sex with him," he grumbled.

"That's great," I replied with a forced smile. "Would you like a prize? What should the name of the award be? Biggest asshole of the year?"

I knew by the way Trey poked the inside of his cheek with his tongue that I had struck a nerve. "Whatever, you're still not right for him." He didn't allow me any time to respond, because he clicked on the radio and turned the volume to its highest setting, letting it blast through the speakers and drown out any remaining conversation.

And I was forced to sit next to that bastard for the duration of the drive, listening to music that I didn't want to listen to.

I started to wonder why Max had sent us out together in the first place. He knew we didn't get along, but he still insisted that Trey drive me to an unknown destination. I didn't do much protesting because I was just too happy that I had gotten Max back into my arms. The accident scared the living hell out of me and I made a promise to Max and myself that I would never let him slip through my fingers again.

I realized that I didn't love Scotty more than Max, or loved Max more than Scotty. I loved them equally, and there was enough room in my heart for both without pushing either one of them away.

As soon as Trey pulled into a familiar neighborhood, I perked up in my seat. I watched as we passed house after house and I started to realize where we were heading. "No," I said, "no, do not take me home."

Trey didn't even budge. "Max said I had to."

"I don't care what Max said," I spat at him. "I'm not going home. I'm not ready for that, yet."

But Trey kept driving. With every passing moment, we were getting closer to my house and I didn't want to go back to that judgmental place.

Trey turned the dial on the radio until the music was just indistinguishable background noise. "Then when will you be? They are your parents. You can't escape them."

"Hell, yeah I can," I retaliated. "Just take me back to Max's place, please."

"He told me not to come back until you talked to your parents."

I wanted to hurt Trey. I wanted to seriously hurt Trey. But because of my unfortunate broken leg situation, I managed to calm myself enough to stay still. "Fine, then just stop the car and let me out. I'll walk back."

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