12 | yoυ're noт ѕorry

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You don't have to call anymore

I won't pick up the phone

Chapter 12 ~ You're Not Sorry

   Max Caldwell

It was hard not to like Jamie.

Even though Jamie and I weren't as close as I had made out us to be, he was a really great guy. He cared for other people, and he could make anyone happy with his one-liners and cheeky grin. I knew I should've cut any remaining ties I had with him, considering he was the reason why I was so "hopelessly romantic", but I needed someone to cheer me up and Jamie was the guy to do it.

I was a bit surprised when he had said he was free for the afternoon. He was always so busy with his boyfriend that I expected to be shut down when I asked if we could hang out, but he said yes. So to take my mind off things, I suggested we go to the mall.

He had offered to get us something to eat and ordered me to find an empty seat in the food court while he got the food. I did as I was instructed, but Jamie never returned with the food. It had been a full twenty minutes since he left, and my mind was starting to drift. The sole reason I wanted Jamie's company was so I wouldn't be alone to think about Liam, and his absence wasn't helping.

He came back after another ten minutes with a greasy paper bag clutched in one hand and a relatively nice gift bag in the other. Not bothering to mention anything regarding his whereabouts, he slid into the seat across from me and dug his hand into the greasy bag. "I got burgers."

"Took you a while," I pointed out as I eyes the gift bag. "What's that?"

He raised a brow as he gazed over the gift bag. "Oh, this? Check it out." His lips twitched into a small smile as he untied the fancy ribbon and retrieved two small black boxes from the bag. He snapped one of them open for me to see. "They're promise rings."

I barely glanced at the diamond encrusted black band before snapping my eyes back to him. "You left me sitting here for a half hour just so you could buy a promise ring?"

Jamie shrugged. "The line was long."

I narrowed my gaze and clenched my jaw tightly, but I didn't bother to escalate the conversation any further. Sighing heavily, I said, "Is it his birthday or something?"


My brows knitted together in confusion. "So you're just buying him a promise ring for no reason?"

He paused to think about it. "Yeah, sure."

I didn't really know the dynamics of Jamie and Scar's relationship. Even though Jamie talked about him non-stop, I was never listening. I never knew what it was that he liked about Scar. He was attractive, maybe, but I couldn't think of anything else. The way Jamie talked about him made him seem much better than he actually was.

"What are you promising?" I found myself asking.

"Uh, I don't know ... our unconditional love for each other?"

I smiled, not because of what he said, but because I started to imagine how amazing love must feel. To be in love, and to be loved. I thought I might have had a chance with Liam, but he was clearly too messed up in the head to reciprocate any of my feelings.

"It's cute," I told him, referring to the rings.

He grinned. "I'm gonna give it to him on prom night."

I screwed my face in disgust. "You're going? I didn't know you were into that."

"I'm not," he retaliated quickly, "but Scar is. He insists that we get a hotel room and everything."

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