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You opened my eyes

And you made me believe

Chapter 17 ~ Crazier

Liam Slater

"What's he talking about?" I knew better than to listen to someone who was so high in the clouds, because I had been there myself. No one was coherent or cohesive in that state of mind.

But at the same time, I wouldn't put it past Max to have sex with him. It wasn't like he was a virgin or anything, and he had a long history of past hook-ups.

I snuck a quick glance at Max, who had began to play with his fingers. He didn't respond to Trey's comment, which confirmed all that I needed to know.

"He knows exactly what I'm talking about," Trey teased as he jabbed a finger into Max's arm. "Don't you, Maxxie? Remember? It was a couple nights ago. How could you forget? You were screaming my name so loud that I was sure that-"

"Shut up!" Max shouted at the top of his lungs. "Just stop talking! Stop!"

Trey scoffed as he slouched back in his seat and folded his arms across his chest. "Why are you getting so emotional? It's not like he was gonna actually be anything. You know he was gonna dump you just like everyone else."

From the few minutes that I had known Trey, I already knew I didn't like him.

Max looked back at him, shaking his head in disbelief. "You asshole," he said bitterly. He turned to face me, but I barely looked at him because I was trying to keep my eyes on the road and simultaneously keep my cool.

Dr. Reis had taught me how to deal with these situations. I couldn't assume that everything that went wrong was a result of my own incompetence. I needed to think of the bigger picture.

When Max realized I wasn't going to comment on whatever was occurring in the car, he buried his head in his hands and burst into tears.

Trey laughed to himself. "Crybaby."

I didn't really know how to handle any of this. Max obviously regretted whatever happened between them, and Trey wasn't doing anything to make it better.

Attempting to soothe him, I placed a hand on his thigh. "Max, don't ... don't cry."

He cringed at the contact. "Don't touch me! You're supposed to hate me! I'm a horrible person," he sobbed into his hands.

I frowned. "I don't hate you."

Slowly but surely, Max removed his hands from his face and wiped away his tears. "Y-you don't?"

I didn't hate him. I had already surpassed that stage with him, but I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear this news, however. "No, you didn't do anything wrong," I forced myself to say.

Technically, he didn't do anything wrong. I was the one who didn't care enough to explain the circumstances, knowing how easy it was for Max to get heartbroken.

This was my fault.

Trey stopped laughing and straightened in his seat, sending glares at me through the rear view mirror. "Seriously? You're just gonna forgive him? After he completely disregarded your feelings and let me fuck him like his life depended on it?"

I didn't bother to respond to Trey. He wasn't my problem in the first place.

Max, however, finally had enough of Trey's antics. "Shut the fuck up!" He yelled, causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. "I hate you so much! If you think that we're gonna be friends after this, then you're so wrong. I want nothing to do with you!"

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