Chapter 16

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Bri showed up at my house, she cried and we made up, she got better and her and Arthur finally went on that date.

Oh how I wish that's what played out, but this isn't a fairy tale, and this was the worst day of my life.

I guess I should've been expecting it when my mother sat me down that night. I was so shell shocked I barely heard what she was telling me.

"Bri overdosed tonight.... She died in her sleep........... There was nothing you could've done Mari........"

Tears clotted my vision my brain was so befuddled I only heard the few words.. Bri is dead, Bri is dead.

How could I have let this happen, it's all my fault, it's all my fault. I barely realized how much I've cried before I saw all the splotches on my clothing.

Suddenly I felt a soft blanket on top of me, I hugged it breathing in and out as breath was coming hard to me.

My mother pulled me in for a hug. I cried into her shoulder. I don't know how much time passed, I didn't care. It was a long time before I finally croaked out the words.

"Did you tell Arthur."

"Shhhh, it's all right, I told his mother."

"Thanks mom, but can I have some alone time please?"

"Alright" she said as she shut the door behind her.

I sobbed into my pillows until I finally drifted off into an dreamless sleep.

They all told me Bri was alive in my heart so long as I remember her. How is she alive when I can't speak to her? No emotional therapy is going to help me, I'm hopeless.

My phone buzzed at the notification of another email. Maybe Max will cheer me up.

Dear Mari,

I guess I have a confession, it's no coincidence my activities match your schools. It's because I attend your high school, I always saw you in the library and, I'm sorry. I saw you liked British guys on your blog and I thought the only way to win you over was to lie. Allerton isn't even a place I have remotely been, I just looked up British high schools.... You never noticed me, I even sat next to you sometimes in the library. I'm in love with you, but I lied and now I might lose you.


He lied.. He lied to me, how do I even know his name is Maximus. I've only been truthful to him, and his entire life I know is a fraud. I'm seething.

Dear Max,

How could you, how could you lie to me, play with my emotions, that's not love. You know what? I cared for you and.. And I think you need to give me time.


I'm so angry. How could he? How dare he, since he always replies late to keep up with his "British act" I wasn't expecting an immediate reply. But there it was on my computer.

Dear Mari,

You don't have to forgive me, but if you ever need me just call.


At the bottom he left his number for me to call, fat chance.

The next few days I remain in my room deep in thought. Deep in sorrow. Arthur's shut himself out, he won't speak to me or his family. His mom said his eyes turned gray when she died.

I couldn't imagine how much worse this was him than it was for me. Oh Bri, why'd you leave us? I ask silently.

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