Chapter 7

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Arthur tugged me inside and we went into his room. His room is pretty organized minus a few dirty clothes on the floor, no doubt the pajamas he was wearing when I called. He scooped up the clothes and dumped them in the hamper.

"Well here's my living quarters, not very clean, but hey you're used to it."

"So what's the plan for the day? Making out? Getting wasted?"

"All very good options, but have you considered video games?"

"Hmm depends, what games."

"I was thinking mario kart, sound good?"

"Only if I get Yoshi!"

"Fine, you can have him" he said as he started to set up the game. He handed me a controller and I leaned back in the bed to get a good view of the screen. Arthur soon sat next to me, other controller in his hand.

"If you're going to choose Yoshi I think I'm going to go with Luigi. Make it the green team, am I right?"

"Sounds good, but I'm still going to leave you in the dust plumber."

"We'll see about that!"

After the best of 5 Arthur beat me 3:2, I'm actually not very good at the game but it's the one I'm the best at playing.

"Haha! Victory!" Arthur cheered.

"How about you continue playing and I can draw you. I said as I started to pull a sketchbook from my bag.

"I wish I had your artistic ability Mar, I'm quite jealous."

"I can't help the fact that I took the art classes and you didn't!"

"why should I take a class in art when I can tell you I'm terrible at it?"

"To learn?"

"Learning is for losers like you" he said as he stuck his tongue out at me.

I continued to pull writing utensils out of my bag until I had a full set of sketching material. I began to draw Arthur in his chosen pose of leaning to the side with the controller in hand and legs crossed. I took a picture of it so I could draw while he continued to play.

As I sketched from the photo of Arthur, he began racing again against shadow characters.

"So you won't take an art class but you'll repetitively race against computer player characters that don't even exist as characters?"

"Yeah, seems quite logical to me."

"Dear god have you always been this dim witted? How the hell are we friends?"

"I don't know man, you approached me!"

"Oh yes.. The kindergarten years. I was pretty sweet wasn't I?" I say as I sarcastically bat my eyelashes.

"Sweet?! The first day of school you called me a nerd and threw a clump of dirt at me!"

"How was I supposed to know I was right?"

"Well excuuuuuuuuse me!"

"Stop being such a wuss bucket and win the race!"

"I am winning!"

"Then shut up and continue winning!"

"Fine!" He says as he whips his hair like a girl.

About an hour later I was finished with his drawing.

"Well here it is!" I exclaim as I wave it in his face, with my best little girl voice I shrieked "look at it! Look at it! Isn't it pretty!!"

In Arthur's best father tone he said "that's very nice sweetie please will you put it on the wall?" As he pointed to all my other drawings tacked up on the wall.

"I think you are running out of space for my drawings Arthur."

"Well what do you expect you draw me something every time you come over! And you're always here!"

"You can get rid of some you know!"

"But I like them, plus it's a little bit of you in my room."

"Aww how sweet, guess you're going to need another wall, Thank goodness you have four of them."

"Yeah, haha very funny, now what do you want to do?"

"You wanna play checkers?"

"Hell yes!"

"I call black!" I yell as I run down the hall to fetch the game.

"Racist bitch!" Arthur yells behind me.

I grab the game and shove my hand in the box grabbing the chips. I storm into his room, the pieces still in my hands.

"Incoming!" I yell as I pelt him with the black pieces. I run over to Arthur and pour the red pieces all over him. I lift up a single piece and scream.

"The first blood has been drawn!"

"Aaaaah! I'm dying please Mari, please show mercy."

"How about I bestow upon you a gift" I say as I lean closer to his face. Closer closer until we are centimeters apart then, I flick his forehead and retreat.

"Goodbye world!" Arthur says as he spastically chokes and dies.

"Okay now wake up ghost and pick up all these pieces with me!"


"I will have no complaining, now get to it."

"Fiiiiiiiine" he says and we pick up our murder scene.

"Now let's get to that game!"

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