Chapter 12

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I make it to Arthur's at 4 as I had planned. I show up in pajamas, with cake, movies and my laptop.

"Happy birthday!" Arthur shouts as he opens his door. He's dressed in pajamas with fuzzy gray plaid pants and an enormous white t-shirt.

"I'm glad we both understand casual," say as we walk to his room.

My parents may be strict on Arthur's stays, but on my birthday I'm allowed to sleepover.

"So what do you want to do, birthday girl!" He says cheerily, while elbowing my side.

"I don't know man! Movies?"

"Absolutely, are we thinking, action, comedy, romance?" He says last word dripping with sarcasm.

"How about a romance than, lover boy," I giggle.

"I am quite offended to be called that!" His green and blue eyes expressing mock hurt.

"Good, now how about Up?"

"Mari, Up isn't a romance."

"It is so a romance!"

"Is not!"

"It's my birthday, so I am right!" I give a wink flaunting the power.

"If you say so," he says as he digs up the movie. "My room or the living room?"

"Your room."

As he puts the movie in I hop on his bed and fluff up some pillows for me to lie back on. He turns off the lights and joins me as we watch the movie.

While we were watching he kept whispering things in my ear that would make me laugh.

At one point he whispered, "me trying to hide my homosexual attitude" when the house erupted in balloons.

When the movie finished I stretched and exclaimed. "Bianca wanted us to call her!"

"Oh, yeah we should do that it's getting late."

I pull out my laptop and hop on Skype to give her a call. She picks up immediately.

"Hey Bianca!"

"Hello crazy partying teenagers!" She exclaimed.

"Don't you mean, lazy, antisocial teenagers?" He said.

"How about I just call you Arthur, smart ass."

"Seems to be fine with me," he said laughing.

"So I'm 16, I'm going to be driving, gross."

"Mari if you're on the wheel, I am getting off the streets." Arthur said.

"I think you both are assholes."

"Yeah we know."

"So anything new guys?"

"You talked to me yesterday with Bri, and since then nothing has changed."


We both turn expectantly to Arthur.

"I think my eyes are starting match..."

That's when I see it. The one thing different about him, that blue eye wasn't quite so obvious, it had a swirl of green inside

Bianca begins to laugh, choking out, "I never thought you would find anyone!"

"Okay, bitch" Arthur said.

"I try." Bianca says with a wink.

"So.. Um who is it?" I ask tentatively.

"I thought it would be obvious Mari.... It's Bri.."

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