Chapter 3

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I wake up to the buzzing of my phone. It's way too early for an alarm what in the world can that be? I check to see that the anonymous emailer has replied! I thought I finally rid myself of them but apparently not. I quickly opened the email.

Dear SilentCloak

You are one to talk about anomalies when you yourself have never given me your name. I may have only emailed you once but you could have introduced yourself. So if I must make the first move of introduction I will, I'd like to tell you my name is Max. What's your name?


Wow, I guess my petty insults didn't work to scare him off. Hmm Max... seems like an asshole to me, appearance and names won't get you anywhere near to a friendship with me, nor will rudely awakening me. I'll reply when I'm not sleeping...

I awaken to my alarm, the real alarm. I get dressed, pack my bag, and put my hoodie on. I say good bye to my father as he heads to work at the office and I hop on the bus. Sure enough Bri was sitting in the back. I turn my head up as I walk by the kids in the front, eyes solely focused on the back of the bus. I then proceed to take my seat across from Bri.

"What's your problem with the kids in the front?" Bri asked

"I just don't like to make eye contact with anyone."

"I know that look, it has nothing to do with eye contact, you're afraid aren't you?"

"Let's just say I stay away from them and they stay away from me okay?"

"Okay... How uh was your morning?

I thought about telling her about the email then thought the better of it. What does she care anyway?

"It was good, I didn't miss my alarm for once! How about your morning?"

"It was okay I guess as far as mornings go, my alarm is pretty reliable but I'm still adjusting to waking up early."

"Im guessing it's earlier than your old school huh."

"You can say that I guess" she said.

I wanted to pry further but she looked generally uncomfortable about the topic. So I switched the conversation over to me until the school was within sight.

"Well here we are again, you coming to the library with me?"

"Yeah that'd be great!" She said

"I'm meeting up with Arthur this morning but you can join us, I'm sure he won't mind."

We both got off the bus and entered the school, dodging flocks of teenagers to get to the library. When we got to the library I saw Arthur and waved.

"Hi Mari, who's this? Wait don't tell me you actually made a friend?"

"Yes this is Aubrey, otherwise known as Bri."

"You finally became friends with someone else besides me? What am I not good enough for you?" He laughed

"Ha-ha very funny, Bri meet my sarcastic, genius friend Arthur."

"Pleasure to meet you" he said shaking her hand

"Good to meet you too Arthur!" she said.

"Well there goes the bell guys," I said as I grabbed Arthur's hand to drag him to class, "meet you in the library later Bri!"

About a few seconds after the library Arthur continued their conversation.

"I'm still baffled you talked to someone else but me Mar, I'm quite offended."

"Oh stop being such a wuss bucket!" I said as I punched his arm. "Well, what do you think of her?"

"She seems sweet, I'll probably get to know her better when we all hang out together, I'm assuming you will bring her to our hang outs?"

"Of course I will" I said as we walked into our classroom

"Well I look forward to meeting the single again"

"Just don't call her that I don't want to reopen any wounds if she wasn't born with those eyes..."

I trailed off and went into thought about Bri and her past, I'll have to find that out later...

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