Chapter 10

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There looking back at me was a matching set of light brown eyes. It's like a dream and a crisis at once. Are you kidding me? I obviously matched with that boys eyes, since the last time I looked in a mirror was right before I left the store. I start to cry, it finally happened and I don't know who the hell he is.

My mother comes sprinting to the car.
"Mari? Mari? Mari what's wrong?"

I try to wipe away my tears quickly but it doesn't work, I look a wreck. I look up at her and she gasps.

"Your eyes matched! Oh Mari they're beautiful, who was it?"

"Mom, I don't know who it was I bumped into him on the way out and I had no idea my eyes matched." I start to cry again but I choke out the words. "Mom what am I going to do?"

"Mari it'll be fine, just calm down and let's go home."

"Okay" I say as I wipe away my tears.

She starts the car and we drive home. I listen to music trying to calm myself down. The only thing I have of him is a memory of his face, at least I'll recognize him if I see him I think with a yawn. I slowly close my eyes and listen to the beats of my music, vainly trying not to cry.

When I got home I hung up my dress and packed my school stuff in my new bag. I quickly tossed on a pair of pajamas and collapsed on my bed, drifting off to sleep.

I woke to the familiar sound of an alarm on Monday morning. Well, here we go again. I shower put on fresh clothes and a hoodie as usual. I don't know if I'll ever get used to having two brown eyes. I grab my bag and walk out to the bus. I walk on to see Bri smiling as usual. I sit down across from her to see her gasp of surprise.

"Mari! Your eyes!" She screeched.

"I know.. I know.." I say.

The smile immediately left her face from the look of my expression.

"When did it happen?" She asked gently.

"I was at the mall and when I walked out I bumped into this guy and I must've looked at him because when I made it out to the car they were matching. I don't even know the guy Bri, what am I going to do?"

"I'm so sorry Mari, don't worry we will find him I swear."

"Thanks Bri, but do me a favor and keep my eyes on the down low."

"No problem," she said, happiness lighting up her mood. I find myself absentmindedly looking at her face. So beautiful, with the blond hair and gray eyes. Gray eyes.. You know in this lighting they look almost blue, I must be seeing things.. I shake my head to clear my thoughts.

Bri and I talk until the bus gets to school. When it pulls up we get off to go to the library. Arthur is there, as usual.

"Hello Arthur!" Bri smiles and waves.

"Hey Bri, hi Mar- Mari! Is that really you? What happened!? Your eyes they are so beautiful, and.. And matching!"

"Yeah, about that.." I look to the ground not really wanting to repeat the story again. Bri tells the story to Arthur for me and when she finished I run up to hug him.

"It's okay Mar, he says, it'll be okay." He whispers as he stokes my hair. So safe in his arms I cry, again.

I sit there with Arthur and Bri until the bell rings. I clean myself up and begin to go to class, Arthur and I hand in hand, and Bri walking down the hall.

I guess the rest of my day went okay, I got swarms of girls coming up to me and asking me about my eyes. Most I don't even know but girls gossip and I honestly couldn't care less.

When I exited the school building it was relieved to get away from prying eyes. I get on the bus and sit in my seat like everyday. Bri sits across from me, her eyes still looking blue, must be the bus lighting. I listen to music till I get home. I bid goodbye to Bri and make my way up to my house.

When I get inside I hop on my laptop to discover yet another email from Max. I open it up.

Dear Mari

I'm quite glad I met you over the Internet, you are extremely lovely and I never have a dull moment with our conversation. I guess chatty can describe me, haha, I don't think quiet really describes me. I hope to meet you at some point but for now emailing makes me happy. I hope you've been having a good time in school and I give my apologies for my lateness in emails.



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