Chapter 4

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Dear Max

As you have requested to know, my name is Mari. I guess I should start this with a question to get an answer back... So.. to get the wheels moving in some sort of way I'd like to say I'm from Pennsylvania and would like to know where you live.


Well it's been days since I've sent that email and the weekend is fast approaching. I still have learned nothing of Bri's past or Max's intentions. I really should take this slowly but curiosity is eating me alive.

It's finally Friday and I enter the bus as usual. Bri sitting in the back with a quiet smile playing across her lips.

"Will Arthur being joining us at your place today?"

"He will be, though mind you he's not allowed to stay overnight, parents don't trust us."

"Isn't Arthur just your friend? Your parents should understand that."

"Well, they don't. So he'll be here for as long as we can make him stay."

"It's going to be awesome!"

"Have you made any other friends besides us yet? Because it seems I'm the only one you are actually spending your time with."

"It's probably because you are the only friends I've made, I haven't really reached out to anyone lately.. Like I said you won't last long."

"If that's a challenge I hope you know I'm going to win, now grab your bag and let's get going."

We entered the school to meet Arthur. He was waiting in the hall for us. We all locked hands and started towards the library.

"So I think I'm planning on staying till 9:00 Mar, sound good?"

"Sounds perfect Arthur, I think we are going to watch movies and eat popcorn, any requests?"

"I'm going to take a vote on a Harry Potter marathon, what do you think Bri?"

"Sounds good" she muttered blushing slightly

Hmmm I wonder... I shook my head and continued conversation.

"Meet you guys on my bus okay?"

"It's my bus too Mari!"

"Sorry Bri, I'll see you later." I say as Arthur and I started towards class.

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