Chapter 15

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Bri didn't show up to school until Friday. She was sitting in the corner of her seat. Silent. She didn't even glance my way. Well alrighty then, I think as I plug in my headphones, the silent treatment.

About 10 minutes later the bus comes to a halt and I feel a tug to my right headphone. There's Bri giving me a look of desperation.

"Please whatever you do, don't tell Arthur I'm here."

And with that she exited the bus, sprinting towards the school building. I walked off last as usual and entered the library nonchalantly.

Arthur was there looking hopeful at the prospects of Bri. I shook my head and he laid back, as I crushed the last of his hopes. Suddenly he got up and walked off, probably to go find comfort in a book.

I went to Bri's first block classroom and asked the teacher to give her a note. It said meet me at the library before the bus. Hopefully she'll come, I'm staying after school today so this is my only chance.

There went the bell, I went to world history looking forward to a sullen Arthur and terrible class.

Finally the end of the day has been reached. I waited at the library for a few minutes. No Bri... No Bri... I'm beginning to think she isn't showing when there she appeared.

She walked up to me arms crossed hugging the sleeves of her sweater with her fingertips.

"Well, what do you want?" She demanded.

"What do I want?" I spluttered, "Bri I haven't seen you in days, you're avoiding Arthur, and what do you want is your only response?"

"I'm... Im sorry Mari I'm just going through some things..." She was biting her lip at the words.

"Is it Arthur? You could've let him down, but I thought you liked him. You guys have matching eyes and everything."

"I do like him! A lot! His eyes.. They are too, I didn't know... I.."

"Bri please tell me what's wrong, is it what happened in your past? Is it me?"

"I can't Mari! I just can't!" She turned to flee.

But not before I caught her arm.

"Ouch!" She exclaimed in pain.

"That's not supposed to hurt Bri..."

In that moment was when I lifted the sleeve of her shirt to see cuts, all over. Like a sea of red, and I couldn't believe it.


She ran, I could hear crying and all I could do was stand there petrified.

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