Chapter 1

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*beep, beep, beep*

"Mmmm, five more minutes," I mutter as I hit the alarm clock repetitively searching for the off button. Ugh, school again, I think as I throw off my blankets and grab my clothes for the morning. Jeans, a plain blue T-shirt, that's my usual, the plain and simple Mari. I look in the bathroom mirror, short, kinda pretty, plain brown hair, plain clothes, and those eyes, mismatched. One a dark blue, her own a light brown, wow what a loser, soul mate not even located yet.. What a standard emotion for myself, I'm not special so I shouldn't have a soulmate, but why do I feel this way? I have a mismatching eye, that guarantees a soulmate right? Or is it just a mistake. I guess I'll have to find out for myself. I throw on my hoodie and hurry along to grab my things to head for the door.

I run out the door to catch the bus, barely making it on board before it departed. I take a deep breath as I walk by the popular kids, deep breath in, deep breath out, don't make eye contact. Pretty much my thoughts everyday, if you look at them they have power over you. I walk to the back and take my seat, plugging my headphones in for the ride.

I guess you can say I'm somewhat of a loner, I have maybe two friends at my school, I honestly spend most of my time on my blog. All my best friends I have made are on the Internet, and my parents don't really approve of that. Honestly how am I supposed to make friends when the first step to it is talking. It's so much easier typing my thoughts on a keyboard then using words, and a keyboard has a delete button. I can't take back the stupid things I say at the press of a button and that's why I don't say them.

So basically I don't talk, I don't have any friends, and I hate school, great way to start the day. My stop is about twenty minutes from the school, so I get to listen to some decent music before I arrive in my own personal hell. Since I'm shy I don't sing or play instruments, I kinda just blend in with the crowd. I've got 3 classes a day, and I've got some free time towards the end of the day, but I mainly just hang out in the library with the wifi.

When the bus pulls to a stop I put my headphones away and throw my bag over my shoulder. I hop off the bus and enter the school building, it's not a small high school building but it's definitely not big. It's not a very famous school either, just simply another school to teach this generation. I tuck my hands into my hoodie pockets and walk down the hall to the library. Perks of being the first bus is I have ten minutes till first bell.

I pull out my phone and hop on the school wifi to get on Tumblr, I don't run a very popular blog but I've made a few friends and we send each other messages before school starts. I scroll through my followers to get to my friend Bianca's blog, Thedragonskeep, she's a fan of the hobbit.

"Hello Bianca."

"Hey Mari! What's up?"

"Not much, talking to you before the bell rings"

"Sounds Rad B) what do you have for first block today?"

"I think I have world history, I've got a test today, didn't study but I feel like I'm going to ace it this time."

"That's fantastic!"

"Well there goes the bell, gotta run! Talk to you later!"


I rush off to world history hoping to take my seat a bit early so I can review my notes again. I arrive at Mr. Bryn's class quickly and draw out my study guide for reference, luckily it's a multiple choice quiz so I have 25% chance of getting it right wether I know it or not, hope I don't bomb it. About five minutes went by until Arthur came to sit next to me. He's one of the only friends I have at this school but what did I expect he talks about as much as I do. I guess that's why we both still haven't found our soulmates yet.

"So Arthur you ready for the test?" I asked

"I think so, shouldn't be too bad, I'm pretty good with history" he said

"Yeah, just history, more like every subject, how much knowledge do you have up there? Because it disappointingly is refraining me from calling you a dumb ass"

"Thanks" he muttered blushing a bit.

Arthur is very shy and kinda tall, he's about 5'11, which is eight inches taller than me. He's got an untamed mane of brown hair and has his natural bright green eye, along with its partner a light blue. One might say he's handsome if you could look past the fact he's unpopular and moves through the school unnoticed. But let's face facts there's always that group within a school and he and I are a part of it.

My classes fly by until free time after third block, which is another time I get to talk to Bianca, like I said I'm only here for the wifi. So I hop on my blog and give her a message.

"Hey Bianca what's up? Just finished classes so I'm finally free for the day."

No response, must not be online today, I continue to browse the Internet until my phone buzzes, looks like I got that message after all.

"Sorry Mari can't talk today I've got a date with Drake and I don't want to keep him waiting. Ta-ta!"

Well there goes my perfect idea for conversation, guess I'll just spend my free time on Tumblr... An hour passes by with me scrolling through my dash, reblogging and laughing over silly little things. Sure enough my phone buzzed again but to my surprise it wasn't a message but an email.

Dear, SilentCloak
I couldn't help but see your blog was missing a picture of your eyes, don't you want to find your match? It's a really dumb move on your part to skip out on that opportunity. You should really change, the picture might give your corny blog a chance.


I dismissed it and continued to browse, but for some reason even after school was over and I was off the bus I kept reverting my thoughts to the email, who was this person and why did they need to see my eyes. When I stepped through my door I hurried to my bedroom to pull out my laptop to type my reply. I'll give them a piece of my mind.

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