Chapter 8

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I spent the remainder of my time at Arthur's winning the game of checkers and watching movies till it was time to leave.

When I got home I filed my sketching supplies into my desk and plopped on my bed. I laid there staring at the ceiling until I heard my phone go off. I went to check it and saw that Max had emailed back.

Dear Mari

England sounds a lot like the United States. Not much but hey it's my country. Yes I have an accent, if that was your primary question. Day to day in the life of Maximus Brymer is actually quite boring. England may be the "dreamy British boy country" that most girls imagine it but in reality I have an easier time falling flat on my face than getting a date. How old are you anyways? I'm 16 and in a year I'm going to be the dancing queen.


Well he has an accent that's kinda cute.. Mari stop! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Don't think like that I have no interest in this guy. No interest. No interest. Okay collect yourself.

Dear Max

I am 15 almost 16 for your information and I have no accent at all. Unless you count an "American" accent. Dancing queen is quite the accomplishment my friend, 17, and as for a date I think you might be out of luck if you're chatting girls across the ocean. I myself have no chance with a relationship. I'm not a single, but I'm somewhat of a misfit. Let's just say I am extremely quiet, and you are lucky you are talking to me over the Internet. If we had met in person I probably would have had a 10 word conversation with you. You strike me as a chatty guy. Am I wrong?


Well, here we go another email sent. He'll probably ask for my number next, really wouldn't surprise me. I honestly wouldn't be too upset about it. I would love to have a new friend to text. Just a new friend, I tell myself.

It looks like Bianca is on the Internet now! I haven't spoken to her in a while. I begin to text her.


"Hey darling! I haven't spoken to you in so long! What on earth have you been doing?"

"Sorry I was a bit preoccupied, basically life. I made a new friend and was kinda introducing her to our school."

"You? Made another friend? Who are you and where is Mari!"

"Sheesh, thanks Bianca."

"No problem, you have to see this coming with Arthur and I being your only friends. Btw how is he?"

"He's good, I was just at his house."

"And you guys didn't Skype me! The nerve!"

"Sorry I was too busy pelting him with checker pieces to think of you."

"Well excuse me, off frolicking with better friends, can't think of poor Bianca boo hoo."

"You will be fine!"

"Fine. Now who's the newbie? Boy or girl? Are they shy? Do They have a soulmate?"

"Her name is Aubrey, she's kinda like me, somewhat shy she doesn't really talk to people. She umm... She's a single."

"She sounds sweet, do you know if she lost her soulmate or was born with the eyes?"

"I never asked didn't want to hurt her feelings you know? I call her Bri, I think she likes Arthur."

"Wait someone would actually be into that? What!"

"Ouch dude he's not that bad!"

"I know, don't take me that seriously!"

"I won't then!"

"So what's up?"

"Well, I think I'm going to bed, sorry."


"Dude it's after midnight!"

"Okay, okay, goodnight fool."

"Night fool"

I shut off my phone, went under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

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