Chapter 14

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Monday was about as interesting as dirt. Bri wasn't there so Arthur never got his answer and it was boring. I did have one thing to walk back to, Max sent me another email. I totally forgot about the last one I sent.

Dear Mari

I'm sorry I didn't respond I had a class trip to New York this week and I had no time to email back. I'm sorry for calling your blog corny, I uh, just needed an excuse for you to talk to me. I didn't think you would respond with an anonymous hi. I realize it wasn't exactly the right thing to say, I don't think anything was. Talking to you is so hard, looking at your blog it's like I've known you for years... I don't even know.... I guess I just like you a lot, and this is really corny.


My heart melted. He feels the same! If only my eyes didn't get in the... Class trip? He mentioned he was a junior, but my schools junior class just had a trip..

Dear Max

It's really no problem for the late email, and it was great that you were so honest. It's really a funny coincidence that your junior class trip was the same week as my junior class. I swear your email wasn't corny it was sweet.


I'm playing it off as a coincidence, Max wouldn't lie to me. Would he? I'm not really sure about anything but I know that he feels the same, I feel the same. Can two people be meant for each other when one already has a soulmate. Im sure they can... I'm sure...

I kept deep in thought the rest of the day, even conversation with my parents was distant.

Tuesday morning was the same as Monday, Bri wasn't at school, again. So I had to sit in the back of the bus alone.

When I made it to the library as usual Arthur was there expectantly waiting for Bri to be beside me. He was disappointed yet again.

"Do you think she's avoiding me Mari? Not going to school is probably the easiest way to let me down in her head."

"You don't know that, she could be sick you know! She really does like you I'm sure of it."

"Okay, I hope your right.."

"Listen, if she doesn't show up Friday I'll go and talk to her, see what's wrong."

"You'd do that?"

"Of course! She's my friend too you know!"

"I'd say we call it a plan, let's get to class."

Classes are the same, everything's the same. School is just like a broken record.

My thoughts are restless, I have a premonition about what is to become of Bri. What it is, I have no idea.

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