Chapter 13

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Almost as soon as the words come out of his mouth I punch him.

"Fucking ask her out you dope!"

"Okay, ouch. What if she says no? She probably doesn't even like me."

"Dear god both of you are hopeless! Utterly hopeless."

"What do you mean?"

Bianca finally chimes in. "I'm not even over there yet I know she's been mooning over you for weeks!"

"What? Really?"

"Damn you are dense!"

"Am not! How was I supposed to know?"

"As much as you guys bickering is cute I vote we call up Bri and get you two together," said Bianca.

"I second that vote!"

"Woah guys, I figure out the girl I like likes me back and I have to ask her out immediately?"

"Yeah actually"

"Alright, I'm down."

I hand him my cellphone. He takes it nervously and clicks on Bri's contact name. She picks up.


"Um.. Hi Bri its um Arthur."

"Oh uh hi."

"I was um wondering if.. You Uh wanted to go to the movies Friday?"


"Uh yeah"

"Is Mari making you do this, because if she is that is not cool."

"No she's not making me do this, I'm asking you myself."

"Really? Are you sure you would want to take me out on a date.. I'm really lousy at conversation.."

"Yes Bri I'm sure, and I really love talking to you."

"I um.. Me too.. I'll see you in school.."

"I will see you..."



He hands me back my phone.

"So is it a yes or no, give me full details all I could hear was your shaky voice."

"Well obviously you heard I asked about Friday.. Basically she thought it was all a joke, until I convinced her it wasn't then she proceeded to ask if I was sure."

"That's Bri for you. Poor girl thought it was some kind of sick joke."

"Well, it wasn't, I never did get a yes, I'm sure I'll get an answer Monday."

"Well I hope so because I think it's fucking adorable," Said Bianca reminding us of her presence.

"I know right!"

"Guys, seriously?"


"Well as much as I love you guys I have to go. "

"Bye Bianca!"

"See you."

"Well that was interesting."

"What? That you might actually have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, that's terrifying."

"You know what else is terrifying?"


"Horror movies, so let's watch some."

"Aright then."

We watched movies almost all night. Some horror, some happy, a few comedies. Right up until I had to go.

I came home, weary eyed and ready to sleep. So that's exactly what I did. I slept all day.

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