Chapter 6

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I don't really know why I decided not to tell Bri about Max. I really like to think of the emails as my own personal secret, and I want to keep it a little longer...

After Bri left I found myself reading the email again, thinking of the best way to respond to him. So I decided to read it one last time before my reply.

Dear Mari

I'm sorry it took so long to respond, I haven't been on the Internet lately. To answer your question, I'm a junior at Allerton High School in Leeds, England. I find that I spend my time on the Internet, but I do have a lot of friends within my school. I'm more of an introvert but I find myself going to the occasional party. Due to our time zones I think you have found yourself the first girl I can't get the number of. I was wondering if you'd like to tell me what it is like in America, and how you spend your time, besides emailing back this scum of a human.


How does one respond to that? Why do I have to overthink everything I do, it's just an email, not the Declaration of Independence Mari. I sigh and begin to type.

Dear Max

I'm impressed you live in England, it is probably an amazing country. Life in the United States isn't really all that much for a teenage girl. Especially a teenage girl like me who has only two friends and spends all her time on the Internet. My day to day life is pretty simple, avoiding everyone in school, going to classes, and returning home to spend the day in my room. I think you can assume right at not being able to call my phone being five hours ahead of my time. What's it like in England? Do you have an accent?


I finally finished that ordeal of brainstorming and typing in just over an hour. Now I only have to figure out what to do with my weekend.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and give Arthur a call. It rings for about a minute till he picks up.


"Hey, dude you wanna hang out later?"

"By later do you mean your place or mine?"

"That'd be up to you, what do you think we should do?"

"I say you come to my place, my parents just bought a ton of chocolate and we can order some pizza."

"Sounds like a plan, be there in 15"


I hung up. Grabbing my bag, stuffing in a few movies, Chargers, and sketchbooks. I brush my hair, pack a pair of pj pants and walk into the kitchen.

"Hey, mom can you give me a ride to Arthur's?"

"Sorry Mari, I have a hair appointment I'm leaving for. Why don't you ask your father to drive you."

"Fine, where is he?"

"He's in the basement, watching football."

"Thanks mom see you later."

She walks out the door as I make my way downstairs. I see my dad watching football just like mom said, leaning back in the recliner intent on a game I know nothing about.

"Hey dad can you take me Arthur's please?"

"That boy again? Are you sure you aren't dating him?"


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Sure I can take you to Arthur's."

"Thanks dad, I'll grab the keys for you!"

I handed him off the keys and we walked out the door. Hopped into the car and we were on our way.

Arthur doesn't live very far from my house. Being the only person I spend my time with, I'm at Arthur's almost every weekend. So for my parents being at Arthur's is a usual.

We pull into Arthur's driveway and I knock on the door.The door swings open and Arthur answers.

"Welcome to my domain, now get your ass in here!"

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