Chapter 2

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Typing on my laptop it takes me an hour to think up the right way to string my words. Constant deleting of sentences because they sound corny, or too many commas in my writing. I guess grammatical errors probably are the least of my worries since this person didn't even have the decency to sign their name, but I'm determined to show them up.

Dear No Name

I find it hard to answer a question like this to someone who isn't brave enough to sign their own name. I choose not to post my eyes because I'm determined to make a blog that doesn't focus on my face and or features. I'm not quite as invested in a search for a soulmate or better "blog material" as you are. If my blog is not colored to your enjoyment than go somewhere else. It's my blog and I can choose how I run it.

~ SilentCloak

And sent. No matter what I type I still feel like it's too corny, but I guess that's the best I can offer. Barely a decisive answer but how can I explain to a total stranger my fears for my future. It doesn't take much to shake a girl like me, but unanswerable questions really are a hard blow. I shut my laptop, lean back on my bed frame and slowly drift off to sleep.

I awaken to the feeling of someone shaking me. I squint my eyes to see my mother standing over me.

"Mari! Did you sleep in your clothes again? Honestly how hard is it to change when you get home?"

"Mmmm what time is it" I say as I tug the blankets closer to me.

"It's 6:00 you have 15 minutes, now get going!"

"Aagh! Not again, I really have to make sure my alarm goes off!" I shout as I rush to the bathroom, I throw on my hoodie over my clothes, what's the point in changing if no one sees my shirt anyways. I brush my hair, take one last glance in the mirror before I grab my bag and sprint out the door.

"Phew, just made it, that was a close one," I muttered as I get on. I make my way to the back seat, when to my surprise I see a girl sitting in it.

"Um excuse me but that's my seat," I said.

The girl looked up, she is small, blonde, and kind of pretty for her age. My guess is she's a year or two younger than myself, freshman new girl. She looked up at me with matching gray eyes to compliment her hair. So she's a single...

Singles are people with gray eyes. If a child is born with gray eyes they don't have a soulmate, and if someone wasn't born with them it means their soulmate died.

"I'm sorry" she whispered as she moved to sit in another seat.

"It's fine really," what's your name? I don't think I've ever seen you before.

"I.. I just moved here, my name is Aubrey" she looked at the ground.

"Well hi Aubrey, mind if I call you Bri? I can show you around the school if you like."

"That'd be great thank you" she said, shooting me a grateful glance.

For the remainder of the bus ride I listened to music and made small talk with Bri. When we arrived at the school I gave her the grand tour and dropped her off at her classroom. I then proceeded down the hall for world history class.

It seems my day lasts forever when I'm looking forward to ending the day. After third block I promised to meet Bri at the library. When I walked in the room she was seated in the corner looking awkward.

"Hey Bri how was your first day here?"

"It was okay, I don't really like any of the people in my class yet, they are all so... Intimidating."

"You'll get used to it, I promise and maybe you'll find a good friend to share your classes with."

"Yeah, I know it's only the first day but I was really hoping to get some new friends."

"Well, you have me and I find that an accomplishment so congratulations."

"Thanks, I seem to push everyone away, so I never know how long you'll last." And with that she stood up and left the room.

Wouldn't last Huh, I think to myself. I'm beginning to wonder if that was a challenge...

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