Chapter 5

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I walk on my bus to see Bri and Arthur talking together. I walk up and sit in my seat to hear Bri laughing.

"So how was your day guys?"

"Well you know mine Mari I'm in all of your classes, but I guess it was pretty chill" Arthur said

"Mine was alright I guess.. I don't really talk in my classes Mar. I aced my test in English though!"

"That's great Bri! I've bought plenty of popcorn and enough blankets to kill us! Bri you ready to watch all the movies!"

"Yes! I'm so excited I've never seen Harry Potter before!"

Arthur and I exchanged a glance of surprise.

"Never!" We both shouted


"Well we have come to educate you on your wrong ways young muggle!"


"Just grab your bag the bus is here, now come on!"

We all ran off the bus and up the hill to my house. Breathless by the time we all made it, I unlocked the door. We entered the house and went in my room. We shoved all of our bags there and went into the living room to put in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

Arthur and Bri sat on the couch while the previews ran and I popped the popcorn. I finally sat down, munched on some popcorn and began to watch the movies.

By the time we finished the fifth movie Bri was screaming about the death of Sirius. Arthur and I were thoroughly entertained by her reactions throughout the movies.

When the last movie finished it was about midnight. Bri absolutely loved them and grasped onto every word, while Arthur and I were simply goofing around.

When it came time for Arthur to go Bri and I retreated back to my room. With two cups of coffee brewed for ourselves, we have guaranteed a sleepless night.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Bri asked

"I don't know, shoot me a question."

"Have you ever, um.." She hid her face in a pillow "have you ever liked anyone?"

"Nope, I've only hung out with one person in my life and that'd be Arthur."

"And you never liked him? At all?"

"No, we have different soulmates, it makes no sense to like someone if you were never meant to be."

"Actually that's not true, there is no shame in liking someone in which you have no chance with."

"Fine, but It doesn't change my answer, I've never liked Arthur that way."

"Okay..." She said trailing off awkwardly

My phone buzzed in my pocket, I look to see that it was my long awaited email.

"Who is it?" Bri said.

"It's confidential" I reply as I open the email.

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