Chapter Two.

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#Chapter Two#

I was running down the blinding white hallway, trying to locate the waiting area the receptionist outlined to me a few minutes ago. Seeing the large ‘Paediatrics’ sign hanging above me, I turned right and was instantly halted when I heard my name being called from the opposite end of the hallway. 

“Sameena, over here!” Sarah’s voice called out to me. Pivoting, I turned back to my left and ran to where Sarah was now in sight. 

“How is she? Any news?” I gasped, out of breath. 

She ran her hands up and down her arms, as if she was cold. Exhaling loudly, she shook her head sadly and rubbed at her swollen eyes. “No, still no news.” Seeing how frightened and vulnerable she was, I quickly gathered her in my arms and rubbed circles on her back.

“I was so scared.” Her voice broke and I held onto her tighter. After a few moments, I pulled back and directed her to one of the chairs.

“You’re her mother for God’s sake, why haven’t they let you in with her?” I questioned, turning my head to look for any nurses in sight. 

“Well, I was a bit of a mess when we came in. They told me to wait outside and calm down.” I gave her a sympathetic look, before getting up to hunt down someone I could talk to. 

“I’ll be back.” I could feel one of the security guards leave his post on the corner of the wall and begin to follow me, whilst the other stayed watch for Sarah. They were like an annoying shadow that never disappeared and no matter how hard I tried to convince my dad and brothers we didn’t need them, they were insistent. 

Before I had even walked ten metres, I stopped when I heard my name being called. “Sameena?” 

My gaze searched for the voice in question and landed on a male doctor, dressed in the usual attire. He was holding a clipboard in one hand whilst the other was raised above the paper, pen in hand, as if he was just about to write but something shocked him. His grey eyes were widened slightly and I shifted uncomfortably under his burning gaze.

Salem, the security guard standing a few metres behind me, cleared his throat, most likely unhappy with the man’s staring. 

“Sorry,” he coughed awkwardly, his eyes suddenly scrutinising the floor, as if it was the most interesting thing in this place.

“Can I help you?” I asked, my own eyes flickering around the hospital. 

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Puzzled, I glanced at him quickly. He didn’t look like anyone I knew.

“No, sorry. Who are you?” 

“My name is, -“ but before he could answer, Salem stepped up and swiftly ended the conversation. I’ll admit I was annoyed at that, since I wanted to know who this person was, but Salem was just following orders. 

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