Chapter Twenty Nine.

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#Chapter Twenty Nine#

"Come on Samir, I don't have all day!" I yelled up the stairs. My voice echoed and bounced off the walls and in return, I was met with silence. I huffed. "Samir!" 

"Calm down woman, I'm coming. Just a minute," he yelled back down the stairs. 

"No yelling in this house please!" Lia, ironically, yelled back and I grumbled under my breath. Ahmad and Omar, the two guards who were escorting us today, sent me amused expressions and I rolled my eyes. Deciding to wait outside since I was a little impatient, I flung open the door and walked into the midday heat. This week had been unprecedented with temperatures rising above forty degrees...I was honestly surprised anyone even left their house. 

The guards followed me as I made my way down the brick steps and I paused beneath the shade as I awaited Samir. I glanced up as I heard the sound of footsteps approaching and to my disgust, none other than Isaac came into view. He was in a black, crisp and bland suit - just like his personality - and had his phone raised to his ear as he conversed with, most likely, a demon. 

I narrowed my eyes at him in suspicion once our gazes met. I cocked an eyebrow and made sure to show him how much his presence was unwanted. In return, that usually smug smile formed on his face and as if trying to fire me up, his eyes raked their way from the top of my head, all along my body and back to my eyes. 

He was actually challenging me. 

And then, as if I was scum on the floor, he turned his head and continued on with his conversation before trailing up the steps and into my house. 

I balled my fists in anger and tried not to let his behaviour push me to do something I would regret. Like go after him and drown him in my fish tank. That would be very ideal...

"I don't like him," Omar said, his eyes still on the place where he had disappeared through the door. 

"Me neither," Ahmad agreed and I nodded my head solemnly. 

"I don't either boys, but unfortunately for us, baba does." 

They shared a glance and before any of us could say anything else, Samir finally decided to come out.

"Is your royal highness ready?" Ahmad teased and Omar snickered.

"Yeah, do you need some more time to groom your hair? Do your nails perhaps?" 

Samir punched them both in the arm, chuckling once they began mimicking him painting his nails and running a hand through his hair. I laughed along with them, rolling my eyes at their typical immaturity. I grabbed Samir's arm and directed him towards the car. 

"Why so eager Sameena?" Samir asked. 

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