Chapter Eighteen.

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#Chapter Eighteen#

“I’m going to kill your brother!” Sarah angrily stomped over to where I was lying down in the lounge room, a deep frown on her face and an upset Abir squealing and trying to fling herself out of her mother’s arms.

“Ooh, should I get the popcorn ready?” I joked, popping a strawberry into my mouth. 

“I think men have a limited capacity where they just malfunction at a certain point in the day!” She continued to ramble as she laid out the changing mat on the floor, beginning to peel off Abir’s dirty nappy as she spoke. “He just doesn’t think!”

I laughed at Sarah’s comment. When she was angry she actually had a tendency to spurt out the funniest and most random things. I bent over in a sitting position to stare at Abir, squishing her nose. “You’re smelly aren’t you?” I cooed, tickling her stomach. She laughed and clapped her hands over her chest. 

“Are you listening to me Sameena Ahmad?” 

“Oops yes, sorry. I was just distracted by the cute creature that you call your daughter.” She sighed dramatically and I popped another strawberry in my mouth. “OK, so what did he do wrong this time?”

“What didn’t he do,” she shot out and I restrained another bout of laughter. “Last night, he went fishing with his friends and I specifically told him not to forget to clean and freeze the fish before he came inside. Do you want to know what he did?” 

“I’m gonna take a lucky guess and assume he didn’t freeze nor clean them?” 

“He left them in the bucket, out on the porch! And now the whole front of the house smells like rotting fish!” she exclaimed, her arms flying around her in outrage. 

“Please don’t fling that nappy at my head,” I said, crouching into foetal position, just incase she decided that my face would be her next target instead of my brother.


“I’m listening…that was an extremely idiotic move of him and I demand he clears the smell up himself by personally drinking perfume and then farting it out!”

“And then, he tells me after Fajr that tonight he promised his colleagues that we would attend a work dinner but he didn’t even ask me if I was free!” She roughly pulled on Abir’s fresh nappy after wiping her clean and putting some baby powder on. 

“Well, what do you have on tonight?” 


I blinked at her. “Then why are you upset?” 

“Because I don’t want to go!” she huffed, as if I wasn’t getting the point.

“Why not?!”

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