Chapter Forty One.

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I think from the last chapter I successfully managed to depress the female majority of my readers, LOL. GUYS...guys. Do not lose hope! Yes even to me, the last chapter was a little surreal, maybe even unrealistic but hey, what are books if they don't make you dream a little eh?

It's kind of sad that we all have this sort of pre-disposed mentality of 'I'm sure my husband would never treat me like that' (I fall in this category too don't worry) but honestly girls, there are some great guys out there, I've seen it with my own eyes. Just don't lose hope.

I pray that you all are bestowed with the most pious, loving and caring husbands that you can live with both in this world and the hereafter. Ameen!

#Chapter Forty One#

"'re things going with Salem?"

Mira paused the work on her sewing machine and glanced over at me. "Good alhamdulillah."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Just good?"

She narrowed her eyes at me. My gaze was steady and unwavering and when she realised I wasn't going to give up without a proper answer, she huffed in annoyance. "After four months, we had our first fight at breakfast today," she admitted, turning her face away from me.

I wasn't very shocked at this piece of information. Since I knew them both so well, it was very easy for me to read their facial expressions and interpret their body language. I knew my hunch was correct. They walked in this morning with grim faces and I could feel the cold tension between them. They had parted ways without their usual cheeriness or traditional kiss or hug and although Mira was acting normal with me, I knew something was bothering her.

We've been sitting in my crafts room for over an hour now and I couldn't handle her silence anymore so I decided to prod her.

I gave her a sympathetic smile. "I thought so. What happened?"

She rubbed at one eye and sighed. "Well...he brought up the topic of kids."

My eyebrows literally flew to the roof. "Wow..."

"He said that it was something he'd been thinking a lot about lately and he wanted to know my thoughts on it. I said that it's an issue I didn't want to particularly dwell on for the next few years and that surprised him. I said there were things in my life at the moment that were priority, work being the biggest one and that we were both still building our relationship together as well. He understood of course but he kept on pushing me to just think about it and...I got a little stubborn and said that I wouldn't. That's when he got ticked off and everything just went downhill from there."

"And you guys obviously left the house on bad terms."

She nodded and bit her lip. "Yeah. God, it's such an ugly feeling. It's our first fight and I already can't handle the silence and tension."

"Yeah I know how you feel," I said, recalling the fight with Tariq. "Honestly though Mira, Salem isn't asking much of you. He's telling you just to think about it."

"I know but...I didn't think he'd want kids this soon."

I exhaled slowly and sat up straighter in my chair. "You have to look at it through his perspective. He's thirty and now that he's married, he probably can't stop thinking about how he wants to have a family. Most guys at his age who are married probably have two kids by now. I'm not saying start popping out babies as fast as you can, but just try to understand where he's coming from. People only get older Mira, never younger."

She laughed at my 'popping out babies' comment but then sobered up when the weight of the situation settled on her shoulders. "You're right, I wasn't thinking about how he must be feeling."

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