Chapter Forty-Two.

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Wow, if I knew how much you guys loved Samir, I would have tried to incorporate him more into the story! Thanks for all your suggestions, so far it seems like a book on Samir is the favourite, however, I'm thinking of doing a book with multiple POV's, but mainly with Samir's. Still undecided though!

Sorry for the long wait...uni started three weeks ago, so it's very hard for me to write now, especially with ongoing exams and assessments.


#Chapter Forty Two#

"Thanks Salem." He dropped the last bag filled with all the gifts I had bought for my children at the education centre and nodded his head.

"No problem. Anything else?"

"Um." I scanned everything we had brought in to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything in the car. "Nope, I think this is everything."

"Alright, I'll head home then. Just call if you need anything."

I shook my head as I waved a hand in dismissal. "Go home and relax. I feel so bad that I woke you up at the crack of dawn."

Somehow, I had completely forgotten that this was the last week of term for the children before they went on Winter break. Every year we held various excursions, picnics and activities for them before they'd leave and I hadn't prepared anything.

So when Suzie, the CEO and next in command after myself had called last night to ask me what I had planned, I had to pretend that I wasn't completely freaking out over the phone.

And well, me being me, decided I needed to get to work as soon as possible. Before my alarm for fajr had even gone off, I was awake and getting dressed to head over to the centre, calling Salem as I did.

It was supposed to be his day off but the whole day had involved lots of travelling, shopping and meetings and Salem was the best person to keep up with me.

"Yeah, I think Mira was mumbling something about strangling you as I was leaving the house," he said with a chuckle.

"Eh, she'll get over it." I waved my hand again.

"We'll see about that." He checked his wrist watch. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes, thank you so much for today! I owe you one!"

Once Salem was gone, I trudged into my room and began to unpin my scarf. I threw my hijab onto my bed and instantly massaged my scalp.

I sighed in contentment.

This was probably the best part of my day.

Half an hour later I finished my usual routine of showering and praying. I was heading back downstairs when I stumbled across Sarah and baba about to leave the house.

"Where are you guys off to?"

"To my parents house. I'd ask you to come but you look exhausted," Sarah answered.

"I feel like I've been battered like a fish." She laughed at the analogy. "You're going too?" I asked baba.

"Yes, it's been a while since I've visited and I feel quite rude." Abir was asleep in his arms and he hoisted her onto his shoulder slowly, so as not to wake her up.

"What about Ziad?"

"He's staying home - he's got a slight headache and it looks like he's about to doze off any minute now."

"Sarah, I'll wait for you in the car, OK?" She nodded at baba and he followed Ahmad and Omar out the door.

Since she was still standing in front of me and not trailing after baba, I assumed she wanted to tell me something.

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