Chapter Forty Three.

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I'm sick, in bed and it's raining...which obviously calls for an update. 

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P.s. don't forget that this book is set in the year 2045.

#Chapter Forty Three#

Mystery POV.

Two weeks later.

I slid the balcony door open and walked into the chilling cold, bringing the cigarette up to my lips as I did and lighting it up. I used my foot to shut the door closed again and made my way over to the railing that was lined with snow. Carelessly, I used my bare hand to wipe some off and then proceeded to perch my elbows against the metal.

Perfect weather, I thought as the sky began to darken and the wind bit through my thin t-shirt. I brought the cigarette to my lips and took another long drag. With every breath, I felt my worries slowly slide away and the stress leak out of my body.

I always admired how something so poisonous could make you feel better.

The silence of the night was broken by the ringing of my phone. I pulled it out of my back pocket, annoyed already.

"What?" I barked into the phone.

"Hello boss. It's Waqas."

"Ah yes," I said, perking up. " did things go?"

"Smoothly Sir."

"So the items are in their correct hiding spot?"

"Yes Sir."

"And the men. Are they ready for tonight?"

"We're all set to go."

I smiled. "Wonderful...and remember what I said. Up until I approach that stupid girl, I want all of you to be on your most discreet behaviour. If any one of you ruin this opportunity for me, I will end you with my own two hands. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"And Waqas?"

I heard him cough on the other side of the line. "Yes?"

"If anyone finds out about this...and by anyone I mean the Ahmad family. I'll know who opened their big mouth."

He cleared his throat. "I comprehend Sir."


I ended the call and quickly focused my attention back on the cigarette. Within minutes I had finished my second one and after realising it was already six o'clock, I strode back into my room.

I opened my closet and pulled out my black suit. I slid on my bulletproof vest first before slipping on a white dress shirt. I followed it through with black dress pants, a bow tie and last but not least, my suit jacket.

I sprayed some cologne on my hand and rubbed it along my neck.

Looking up into the mirror, I smiled at my appearance.

Tonight, I'd get my vengeance on the people who deserved it the most.


Sameena's POV.

2030 Election Gala

As soon as I stepped foot out of the car, a microphone was shoved into my face and I literally staggered forward in surprise. Luckily, Tariq caught me before I face planted the cement.

Wouldn't even be surprised if that happened.

"Miss Ahmad, what do you think your father's chances are with this election, especially considering recent events?" A journalist yelled at me and I winced at the pitch of her voice.

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