Chapter Thirty.

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#Chapter Thirty#

The days leading up to the wedding were hectic; not because there was a lot of organising to do in regards to the actual wedding, but because there was a lot of moving, renovating and relocation.

Salem had his own house and although it was relatively large and spacious - definitely big enough for two people and more - it was very bland and lacked that homey touch to it. So Mira being Mira, had to add her own decorative inspiration to the walls and bedrooms, which was understandable. I think the only colours I noticed were black and white and that was not Mira's style.

That meant she also had to move all her stuff in and reorganise her items as well as Salem's. Baba had finally found a new home for khalto and Houda to live in, a distance that was not far from both Mira and our home, a precaution to ensure maximum security.

Guards were shuffling between all three houses, driving things to their appropriate locations at Mira and I's orders.

Mira had been working effortlessly into the night for two weeks straight as she created her wedding dress. She wouldn't let anyone see it - not even me - and she insisted that it be a surprise on the wedding day. I knew that she had always dreamed of making it herself but when after a few days I noticed she was only averaging around four hours sleep, I suggested that she pass it on to our seamstress.

Let's just say that idea didn't go down too well with her.

I had been assigned the task of ordering and then sending out the invitations to the thirty people that would be attending. I had managed that within two days but we were all worried that it was too short of notice - three of our close friends had already phoned to say they couldn't make it. Other than that, the dinner hall and hotel had been booked, flowers and bouquet arranged, tuxedos ordered and flight tickets purchased for their honeymoon to Spain.

Now was the last and toughest issue. I blew out a tired breath as I tirelessly listened to the argument between Mira and her mother.

The wedding was tomorrow and she still had a major dilemma. The stress was building and I could tell that her normally high patience levels were falling drastically.

"I am not doing it!" she exclaimed, her arms flying around her in outrage.

"Well I'm not either! So you better figure out who will be signing for you tomorrow!" her mother responded hotly, crossing her arms over her chest. I shared a glance with Salem and he shook his head before moving towards the two ladies.

"I'll do it."

They both blinked up at him. "You want to speak to my father?" Mira asked uncertainly.

"Why not? It would only be fitting since I'm the one who's asking for your hand."

"I don't know why I didn't think of that before! Yes, Salem should speak to him!" I clapped happily, hoping this was the end of a fruitless discussion.

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