Chapter Nineteen.

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#Chapter Nineteen#


"Put your hands together ladies and gentleman, for a very talented young lady; declared the most active student of the year, achieved first place in the National Women's Initiative and is in the running for dux of her university, I introduce to you, Sameena Ahmad!" 

I adjusted the bow tie on my scarf, flattened out my golden coloured dress and with one final deep breath, I stepped out onto the stage, plastering a large smile on my face. The bright lights immediately blinded me and because of good practice over time, I didn't blink and make myself look like a fool. 

The crowd cheered, yelled and applauded deafeningly as I made my way towards where the host, Miassar was standing. With a very friendly and informal hug and kiss on the cheek, we greeted each other with grins on our faces. She gestured for me to sit and so I did, promptly crossing one leg over the other and watching in amusement as she tried to quieten down the crowd. 

"Yes, yes, I know we all love her but I know that we all are equally as eager to get on with this interview. I, for one, am absolutely thrilled to interrogate you tonight Sameena!" The crowd broke into fits of laughter and so did I, shaking my head at her. "Now before we start, I want to remind our audience that if you would like to ask Sameena a question yourself, you can SMS the number on the screen over here. Five questions will be picked at random and do please try to be creative!" She strode over to sit next to me on the couch that was adjacent to the audience. "Sameena, how've you been? What've you been up to?" she asked casually, her lips tilted in a smile. 

"I have been wonderful, thank you for asking. And I'm sure you all know what I've been up to!" 

Everyone laughed. "Yes, we all know about how the paps are hounding your poor back. But we're here today for the nitty gritty information. We want to hear everything from your mouth."

"Oh no, now that doesn't sound good," I joked. 

"Sameena, the last time I interviewed you, you were ten years old! A lot has happened and there is a lot to talk about!" She relaxed back in her seat and studied me curiously. 

I nodded my head in agreement. "That's true, and I know you're just itching to ask away those questions of yours, aren't you?" She chuckled along with the crowd. 

"Yes I am and without further ado, I'd like to begin with a bit of a random question." I shifted in my seat and nodded my head for her to continue. "What are three qualities that you admire in a person?"

"Hmm," I hummed, biting my lip in thought. From my peripheral vision I could see one of the camera's zooming in towards my face and like I always did, I dismissed it. "For me, it would have to be trustworthiness, compassion and humility. All things our beloved prophet - peace be upon him - embodied." 

Applause vibrated through the crowd. "Masha'Allah," Mira began, before she directed all our attention to the projected screen, that had three words written on it. "It's funny, because I sent out a survey to the audience, asking them which three words they would use to describe you. And the three most ranked answers were: humility, selflessness and a strength of willpower. What do you think...would you agree with this based on your own self-perception?" 

I let out a soft laugh. "Well if I answer yes, then I'm not really being humble am I?" There was a beat of silence before I continued. "Honestly Miassar, I would like to say yes to all those questions but I think it makes me sound a little too perfect. What I will agree with, is that I do strive to represent these characteristics and I think it's great that you beautiful people see it manifesting in my personality."

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