Chapter Sixteen.

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Seems I've been updating more frequently now that uni has started. *cough, procrastination, cough*

#Chapter Sixteen#

Dark eyes and jet black hair. Defined jaw line. A slightly crooked nose, one that might have been punched too many times. Lightly protruding ears. No dimples. Just a simple, yet clearly determined smile.

I hated him.

I really did.

Anger and strong hurt bubbled up within me at baba’s words and I tried my hardest to repress the memories that were fighting to resurface. Memories of bitter betrayal. Of lies and deceit. Of fraudulent love. 

It was absolute agony; both sitting through the dinner and trying to tamper down my emotions. 

“I’ve decided I need a young and fresh outlook on life and who better than someone like Isaac? He was born and raised here, graduated three years ago with both a bachelor in politics and business as well as a masters in economics. He already has a seat in parliament at such a young age and has worked extremely hard for our communities.” Baba continued on and on, filled with praise for the seemingly perfect young man sitting to his right.

He must have felt the intensity of the glares I was throwing his way all through dinner. He glanced at me with an odd expression every time he felt my eyes on him and I didn’t even bother to mask my hatred. I internally scoffed. What, did he think because he was handsome, young, a man, that he was superior to me? 

I didn’t say one word for the full length of our meal and as soon as everyone had finished, I pushed my chair back sharply, handed Abir back to Sarah and stomped my way upstairs. 

I really couldn’t believe it.

I had honestly thought that baba would choose me, especially since I’d be graduating in less than three months. That I would be the one by his side in meetings, making crucial, defining decisions for this country. That it would be me who helped lessen the load on his shoulders, not some random, admittedly accomplished, man. I imagined myself staying up late with baba, peering over paperwork together, laughing and sipping on tea whilst we rubbed our eyes in exhaustion.

But it seemed, that baba didn’t even consider me for the role. 

He didn’t even see the potential in me. Nor the passion. 

And maybe that’s what hurt the most. 

My degree, how hard I studied to be the absolute best in class, was all done in an attempt to prove to baba that I have what it takes for the position. But I felt kind of lost now. What would I do once I graduated in three months? I’m sure there would be other positions lined up for me, but would it be the same? Especially since for years, my sights were set on this one job?

I could speak to baba; tell him how I really feel and what I was expecting. But what can he do now? He had already employed Isaac and he would most likely be broadcasted to the country tomorrow, with an official introduction and interview. He couldn’t very well go up to him and say ‘Sorry Isaac, it seems my daughter actually wants this job, so off you go!’.

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