Chapter Eight.

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#Chapter Eight#

“Stop it! I’m not going to do it!”

“Yes you are!”

“No!” Samir grunted as he pulled me towards my worst nightmare. He had both my hands locked between one of his large ones and unfortunately, I was no match to his strength. I almost wanted to cry as the sight before drew closer and closer. “Please don’t make me do this!” 

“This will help you get over your phobia!” 

“I don’t want to get over it!” I whined like a baby, throwing my head back and resisting against him as much as I could. 

“Sameena, would you just stop being so difficult? You’re making a scene,” Ziad complained, standing a few metres away from me. I turned to glare at him, scowling as he zipped up his jumpsuit with exaggerated excitement. 

“I loathe you.”

Samir took the momentary distraction to hook up the harness to my own jumpsuit, grabbing me by the hand afterward and continuing to pull me towards the large colourful wall. 

Samir had insisted that since he was only here for two days, we had to make the complete use of every minute, doing as many activities as possible and spending the whole day with each other. Now, usually, I would have no issues with this notion but as soon as the words ‘rock climbing’ escaped his mouth, I was all against it. My family knew of my intense fear of heights but yet, it seemed they were determined to torture me. 

“Sarah, please,” I begged, turning towards her with a pleading expression. “I’ll watch Abir and you go up instead.” 

I grit my teeth as she laughed at me and simply shook her head. “Darling, this is for your own good.” 

“What happened to girl power? You know, defending each other against the more evil of species?” 

“Honey, stop trying to delay the inevitable. The quicker you go up, the faster you can come down. Just don’t break your leg in the process!” 

“Thank you very much for such comforting words of motivation,” I spat and she grinned in return. I hated being forced to do things I despised and it always brought out the worst in me. 

“Are you rea-,”

“Move,” I interjected hotly, pushing Ziad out of my face. 

“Must be that time of the month,” I heard him whisper to Samir and they both snickered. I was using every ounce of my willpower not to turn around and backhand them both. TO my relief, one of the female workers walked over and helped me get in position, ensuring my harness and rope were fully functional. 

“How high is this again?” I asked her, my voice shaking slightly. 

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