Chapter Eleven.

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#Chapter Eleven#

“Salam baba, I’ll see you in two months time insha’Allah.”

“Get ready for our next wrestling match. I know you need some time to train, unlike me, so I’m warning you!”

“Bye Sarah! Make sure you’re kissing this little munchkin for me everyday!” 

My glum mood increased drastically as I watched Samir say goodbye to our family. Now that he was leaving, I truly realised how much I would miss his presence at home. Even though he was the quieter one out of the two of my brothers, him being at home made the atmosphere ten times better. 

I knew I was being a big baby; after all, he’d be back in two months for his vacation.

I smiled when he picked up a crying Abir, flinging her in the air like both her father and grandfather did, her cries instantly morphing into squeals of joy. However, when he gave her one last kiss and handed her back to Sarah, the smile left and was replaced by a frown when he began treading his way towards me. 

I raised one eyebrow when he just stopped in front of me, not pulling me into a hug or bidding me farewell like he did with the others. “Bye?”

He crossed his arms over his broad chest. “Is that all I get?”

“Oh wait sorry, I forgot, let me just pull out the speech I made for your departure,” I replied sarcastically, pretending to reach for a paper in my pocket.

“Good one, sis, WOO!” Ziad hooted for effect. 

We both rolled our eyes, dismissing him. “You’ve never been fond of goodbyes, you know.”

“No one’s fond of goodbyes,” I stated.

“Stop being smart.”

“You know that’s out of my control,” I continued, just to annoy him.

“You’re just like Ziad sometimes,” he grumbled. He blew out a breathe and eyed me. “I don’t know what to do. If I hug you, you’ll cry and if I don’t…you’ll cry too.”

“No I won’t!” I exclaimed, yet even as the words left my lips, my eyes were already watery.  I was the most emotional one in the family and I knew everyone knew it, but I still tried to act cool. “I’m fine. You just go off and study; study hard and make us all proud. Have a safe flight and oh, make sure you’re eating right and don’t forget to-,’ I was cut off as Samir exhaled, before pulling me in for a gruff hug.

“When did you become Lia?” 

“Whatever,” I mumbled, punching his chest and failing miserably since he still had me locked in an embrace. He kissed my forehead and pulled away.

“Alright guys, I gotta love ya and leave ya! The car is waiting and if I don’t leave now, I’ll miss my flight.” 

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